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PFS RestrictedTablet of Chained SoulsItem 8

Cursed Magical Necromancy 
Source Dark Archive pg. 161
Usage held in 2 hands; Bulk L
Half-formed, unreadable runes drift across this weathered stone tablet, which resembles a tombstone too eroded to be legible. Created by a long-dead order of scholars dedicated to Pharasma, the tablet of chained souls can be a powerful tool in laying uneasy spirits to rest, but its magic exacts a heavy cost.

Activate [two-actions] envision, Interact ; Effect You present the tablet to a ghost, or lay it on a haunted site. The tablet's words resolve into a cryptic but accurate clue about the unfinished business that keeps this spirit from rest. Upon reading the tablet's words, you are subject to a geas that requires you to right that wrong and lay the ghost to rest. If you die without completing the task, you become a ghost, cursed to remain until another recovers the tablet and discharges your duty.