Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 251
An item with this trait is cursed to cause trouble for its owner. A curse isn’t detected when the item is identified, though a critical success reveals both the presence and exact nature of the curse. Cursed items can’t be discarded once they’ve been triggered or invested the first time. The item can be removed only if the curse is removed.


Arboreal's Revenge, Bag of Devouring, Bag of Weasels, Barbed Vest, Bellicose Dagger, Blackaxe, Book of Lost Days, Boots of Dancing, Bower Fruit, Calamity Glass, Cane of the Maelstrom, Cloak of Immolation, Corruption Cassock, Crushing Coils, Cursed Dreamstone, Draconic Toxin Bottle, Dullahan Codex, Gaffe Glasses, Gift of the Poisoned Heart, Gloves of Carelessness, Golden Goose, Golden Rod Memento, Grasp of Droskar, Hat of Disagreeable Disguise, Heckling Tools, Horn of the Aoyin, Immolation Clan Pistol, Jax, Luckless Dice, Medusa Armor, Mistranslator's Draft, Monkey's Paw, Mother Maw, Necklace of Strangulation, Ovinrbaane, Pact-Bound Pistol, Poisonous Cloak, Primordial Flame, Ring of Bestial Friendship, Ring of Ravenousness, Ring of Sneering Charity, Ring of Truth, Rose of Loves Lost, Shadewither Key, Shared-Pain Sankeit, Shrieking Key, Sluggish Bracelet, Soul Chain, Spellcutter, Spurned Lute, Stone of Weight, Tablet of Chained Souls, Taleteller's Ring, Tattletale Orb, Unfathomable Stargazer

Item Curses

Arrow Attracting, Arsonous, Backbiting, Bloodbiter, Degenerating, Dependent, Dreary, Erratic Transposing, Grandstanding, Overdramatic, Raucous, Ravenous, Staining, Withering