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PFS StandardMirror

Legacy Content

Source Dark Archive pg. 38
Mirror implements represent misdirection, illusion, and sleight of hand, bending and shifting a perspective and the way you look at things. While larger mirrors hold the same mystic connotations, thaumaturges always choose small, portable, handheld mirrors as implements so they can use them easily while adventuring. Mirror implements are associated with the harrow suit of keys, and the astrological signs of the stranger and the swallow.

Initiate Benefit

You learn how to use your mirror to project another version of yourself whose realness is a matter of perspective. You gain the Mirror's Reflection action.

Mirror's Reflection [one-action]

Illusion Magical Manipulate Thaumaturge 
Source Dark Archive pg. 39
Requirements You're holding your mirror implement.
You reflect an illusory image of yourself into another unoccupied space within 15 feet that you can see. You are treated as being in both spaces until the start of your next turn. For example, you can attack, Seek, and provide flanking—even with yourself. You occupy both spaces.

Your mirror self mimics your actions exactly, but any effects you generate come from only one of your positions; you decide which each time you act. For example, if you made a melee Strike against a creature within reach of the reflection, you'd mime the actions of the Strike, but only the reflection would actually make the Strike. Anything that targets or would affect your reflection affects you and uses your statistics. Something that would target or affect both of you affects you only once. For example, a fireball that included both of you in its area would require only one save from you and damage you no more than once. When you move, you choose which square to move from, but the mirror effect ends (see below).

Some events force you to determine which image is the real you, and then end the effect and cause your mirror self to disappear; this happens automatically at the start of your next turn. It also happens if you choose to move out of your space. Other benefits of this implement add more events that can end the reflection. The effect also ends when you fall unconscious, at which point you decide which version is truly you.

Adept Benefit7th

Your mirror self shatters into punishing shards when damaged. While Mirror's Reflection is in effect, when an enemy adjacent to one of your spaces damages you, that version of you explodes into mirror shards. This ends Mirror's Reflection (establishing the remaining version of you as the real one) and deals slashing damage to all creatures in a 5-foot emanation around where your mirror self was. The damage is equal to 2 + half your level or the damage of the triggering attack, whichever is lower. You're immune to this damage.

Intensify Vulnerability9th

Reinforcing your mirror lets it play tricks on your enemy's senses as it bends light this way or that. You become concealed to the target of your Exploit Vulnerability as your mirror warps its perceptions. As normal for concealment where your overall location is still obvious, you can't use this concealment to Hide or Sneak.

Paragon Benefit17th

You've become so skilled at reflecting yourself that you can combine making a reflection with your other movements to act right away. When you use Mirror's Reflection, you can have one of your selves immediately Interact, Seek, or Strike.