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The Deck of Destiny

Final BladeItem 20

This Item may contain spoilers from the Night of the Gray Death Adventure

Legacy Content

Rare Artifact Death Evil Necromancy Occult 
Source Night of the Gray Death pg. 53, World Guide pg. 126 2.0
Bulk 40
A Large or smaller restrained or willing creature can be executed by a final blade.

Activate 1 minute (Interact); Effect You execute a creature restrained beneath the blade. The creature you execute takes 11d10 slashing damage and must succeed at a DC 45 Fortitude save or be decapitated as though it suffered a critical hit with a natural 20 from a +3 major striking vorpal scythe. The soul of a creature executed with a final blade is trapped, and the creature can't be returned to life, not even by miracle or similar magic. A final blade can hold any number of souls in this way, and a sufficient number of captured souls forms a monster called a gray death.

Destruction A final blade can be destroyed via the rare ritual, blunt the final blade.