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Distant Wandering [one-action] Feat 10

This Feat may contain spoilers from the Gatewalkers Adventure Path

Legacy Content

Rare Deviant Evocation Magical 
Source Gatewalkers Player's Guide pg. 11, Dark Archive pg. 103

Your body falls unconscious and your spirit projects out of it. While in spirit form, you can't consciously move your body, and you are invisible and inaudible, though a creature still might notice the signs of your presence and passing, just like for an invisible creature affected by silence, or a prying eye. You can freely move about, though you can't touch or move anything, cast spells, attack, or otherwise affect anything around you. Despite your ghostly form, you are not incorporeal and can't pass through barriers you couldn't in your body. Most effects can't harm your spirit form, though some spells, like spirit blast and spirit song, explicitly damage a creature's spirit. You can return to your body as a free action. If you are in spirit form at the beginning of your turn, you must attempt another backlash check for your deviation, returning to your body if you fail.

Awakening Your spirit moves at the speed of thought. You gain a fly Speed and a +20-foot status bonus to your Speed while in spirit form.
Awakening Time seems to pass more slowly while you are projecting your spirit, letting you notice things around you. When you enter spirit form, you can Recall Knowledge or Seek. You are quickened while in spirit form and can use the extra action only to Recall Knowledge or Seek.



This trait describes strange supernatural or paranormal abilities.


Effects and magic items with this trait are associated with the evocation school of magic, typically involving energy and elemental forces.


Something with the magical trait is imbued with magical energies not tied to a specific tradition of magic. A magical item radiates a magic aura infused with its dominant school of magic.

Some items or effects are closely tied to a particular tradition of magic. In these cases, the item has the arcane, divine, occult, or primal trait instead of the magical trait. Any of these traits indicate that the item is magical.


This rarity indicates that a rules element is very difficult to find in the game world. A rare feat, spell, item or the like is available to players only if the GM decides to include it in the game, typically through discovery during play. Creatures with this trait are rare. They typically can't be summoned. The DC of Recall Knowledge checks related to these creatures is increased by 5.