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Corrupted DraftHazard 8

Legacy Content

Unique Complex Curse Mechanical Trap 
Source The Enmity Cycle pg. 38
Complexity Complex
Stealth +16 (expert) or detect magic
Description Discordant music, dance, and poetry combine to build a deep suspicion and distrust of strangers.
Disable Performance DC 28 to counteract the performance or Religion or Occult DC 28 to disrupt the spiritual energy. Two total successes are needed to disable the trap. The mechanical head can automatically disable the trap with two uses of Inspired Recitation.
Sickening Performance [reaction] (emotion, mental, occult) Trigger Two or more characters enter area E3 and make any sound at all; Effect Sounds or speech are amplified and garbled into a terrible, shrieking cry. All creatures in the area take 2d10+11 mental damage (DC 28 basic Will save). The trap then rolls initiative.
Routine (1 action; emotion, fear, mental, occult) The echoes continue to reverberate, tearing at those in the area and filling them with distrust of others. All creatures in the area take 2d10+11 mental damage and must attempt a DC 28 Will save.
Critical Success The target is unaffected and is immune to the effects for 1 minute.
Success The target takes half damage.
Failure The target takes full damage and is sickened 1 by feelings of distrust and anxiety.
Critical Failure The target takes double damage and is sickened 2.
Reset The hazard stops when there are no conscious creatures in area E3 and resets after 1 minute.