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Source Core Rulebook pg. 634 2.0
A hazard with this trait is a constructed physical object.


Acid Spitter, Alarm Snare, Avalanche of Stones Snare, Binding Snare, Biting Snare, Bleeding Spines Snare, Bomb Snare, Boom Snare, Burning Badger Guts Snare, Caltrop Snare, Chopping Evisceration Snare, Clinging Ooze Snare, Clockwork Monkey, Clockwork Chirper, Deadweight Snare, Death Coil, Detonating Gears Snare, Dust Pods, Engulfing Snare, Envenomed Snare, Fang Snare, Fire Box, Flame Drake Snare, Flare Snare, Flying Blade Wheel Snare, Frost Worm Snare, Glittering Snare, Grasping Snare, Grasping Tree, Hail of Arrows Snare, Hampering Snare, Hobbling Snare, Ice Slick Snare, Instant Evisceration Snare, Marking Snare, Mirror-Ball Snare, Mudrock Snare, Nauseating Snare, Noisemaker Snare, Omnidirectional Spear Snare, Puff Dragon, Pummeling Snare, Raining Knives Snare, Rending Snare, Rock Ripper Snare, Scything Blade Snare, Shrapnel Snare, Signaling Snare, Snagging Hook Snare, Spike Snare, Spirit Snare, Stalker Bane Snare, Static Snare, Striking Snare, Stunning Snare, Tar Rocket Snare, Thunder Snare, Tin Cobra, Torrent Snare, Trip Snare, Warning Snare, Wet Shock Snare


Acidic Needle Launcher, Black Powder Bomb, Bottomless Pit, Boulder Deadfall Trap, Caustic Vapor, Centipede Carcasses Trap, Darkside Mirror, Dimensional Darkside Mirror, Drowning Pit, Flensing Chute, Hallucination Powder Trap, Hammer of Forbiddance, Hidden Pit, Insistent Privacy Fence, Lava Flume Tubes, Malevolent Mannequins, Pendulum Pit, Poisoned Dart Gallery, Poisoned Lock, Quarry Sluiceway, Rigged Ramen Cart, Scythe Blades, Slamming Door, Spear Launcher, Spiked Doorframe, Spinning Blade Pillar, Steam Vents, Telekinetic Swarm Trap, Trapped Lathe, Vorpal Executioner, Web Lurker Deadfall, Web Lurker Noose, Wheel of Misery