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PFS StandardDrum of UpheavalItem 20

Legacy Content

Uncommon Conjuration Earth Magical 
Source Grand Bazaar pg. 30
Price 60,000 gp
Usage held in 2 hands; Bulk 1
This heavy drum is engraved along the sides with images of centaurs in fierce combat. The drum grants you a +3 item bonus on Performance checks you make using the drum. Additionally, it imparts the rhythms of two songs upon your mind as soon as you touch it. One is a fast marching cadence; the other is a frenetic ritual dance. Each song has a different activation.

Activate [two-actions] Interact; Frequency once per minute; Effect Dozens of spectral centaurs burst from the drum and stampede in a 60-foot cone. The stampede deals 7d10 force damage (DC 43 basic Reflex save).

Activate [two-actions] Interact; Frequency once per day; Effect The drum casts a DC 43 earthquake spell.

Craft Requirements You are a centaur.