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PFS StandardMirror RobeItem 3

Uncommon Illusion Invested Magical 
Source Grand Bazaar pg. 50
Price 55 gp
Usage worn clothing; Bulk L
Thousands of small, reflective, mirrored glass shards have been carefully stitched down this long silk duster.

Activate Interact; Requirements The mirror robe was last activated to draw attention toward you, or you haven't used the mirror robe today; Effect The mirror robe Creates a Diversion for you with a +9 Deception modifier.

Activate Interact (visual); Requirements The mirror robe was last activated to divert attention away from you and you are hidden or undetected by at least one foe; Effect You draw attention toward yourself. Choose one foe to which you were hidden or undetected. You reveal yourself to all, becoming observed. The foe you chose diverts its attention to you, becoming flat-footed to your allies until the beginning of your next turn. If you are invisible or otherwise can't become observed, you can't use this activation.