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Spiritsight RingItem 6

This Item may contain spoilers from the Quest for the Frozen Flame Adventure Path

Uncommon Enchantment Invested Magical 
Source Pathfinder #176: Lost Mammoth Valley pg. 81, Treasure Vault pg. 154 1.1; There is a more recent version of this item. Click here to view.
Price 225 gp
Usage worn
The opal set in this intricately carved ivory ring eventually becomes translucent and tickles your finger whenever an incorporeal creature is nearby. When in the presence of a nearby incorporeal creature, even if it's within a solid object, you eventually detect the creature, though you might not do so instantly, and you can't pinpoint the location. This acts as a vague sense, similar to humans' sense of smell. An incorporeal creature trying to hide its presence from this sense attempts a Stealth check against your Perception DC to hide from your vague sense, as normal for attempting to foil special senses. You gain a +2 item bonus when using the Seek action to find hidden or undetected incorporeal creatures within 30 feet of you.