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Disorienting IllusionsHazard 1

Illusion Magical Trap Visual 
Source Dark Archive pg. 122
Complexity Simple
Stealth DC 20
Description Illusions cloaking this chamber cause it to appear distorted and constantly shifting, with the room and all its contents appearing tilted, irregular, and in motion.
Disable DC 17 Crafting (trained) to calculate the room's dimensions despite the illusions, or dispel magic (1st level; counteract DC 17) to counteract the illusions
Disorient (arcane, illusion, mental, visual) Trigger A creature enters the room; Effect Illusions cause the appearance of the room and the objects inside it to constantly warp, shift, bend, and distort for 1 minute. Each creature in the room while it's distorting must attempt a DC 17 Perception check.

Critical Success The creature disbelieves the illusions and is unaffected.
Success The creature disbelieves the illusions but still sees them. It treats the room as difficult terrain.
Failure The creature is fooled by the illusions. It treats the room as difficult terrain and becomes sickened 1. As long as it remains in the room, it can't reduce its sickened value below 1.
Critical Failure As failure, but each time the creature attempts a move action, it must succeed at a DC 5 flat check or they lose the action, and on a critical failure, it also falls prone.
Reset 1 minute