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Agathion Raiment

Good Relic 
Source Treasure Vault pg. 201 1.1
Aspects beast and celestial
An agathion raiment aids its wearer in finding diplomatic solutions to conflicts when possible, fighting evil directly when it's not, and guiding others along the path to redemption. A red draconal agathion created five agathion raiments and granted them to redeemer champions of great valor millennia ago. Since then, virtuous souls of various skill sets have assembled agathion raiments. This set functions only for good creatures.
Set Items: flask of fellowship (level 2), aeon stone (gold nodule) (level 6), messenger's ring (level 9), celestial armor (level 13), headband of inspired wisdom (level 17)
Gifts: The set grants the following gifts.
The set grants the following features.
  • Two Items: Word of faith restores 1d10 Hit Points per relic level and reduces the target's frightened value by 2.
  • Three Items: The claws you gain from feral claws are magical and deal 1d4 good damage.
  • Four Items: You and your allies affected by righteous call deal 1d4 additional good damage with successful Strikes, rather than none or 1. This 1d4 stacks with that from your feral claws and damage from the holy rune effect you gain from righteous call.
  • Five Items: In your form of fury, you have darkvision and gain 20 additional temporary Hit Points, but you have weakness 5 to evil damage. You don't need to change your size to gain the benefits, other than reach, of a higher-level battle form. Also, your unarmed attacks from this form have the holy weapon property rune.