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PFS StandardTrollhound VestItem 6

Legacy Content

Uncommon Invested Magical Necromancy 
Source Treasure Vault pg. 19 1.1
Price 230 gp
Usage worn armor; Bulk 2
Base Armor Hide Armor
This suit of +1 hide armor is sickly green and covered in thick warts and nodules, fashioned from the hide of a trollhound and imbued with some of the beast's vitality. Wearing this armor gives you a –1 circumstance penalty to all checks made using Diplomacy to interact with trolls and a +1 circumstance bonus to Diplomacy checks used to Make an Impression in communities traditionally plagued by troll attacks.

Activate [reaction] Interact; Trigger You take damage from a melee attack while you have half or fewer of your normal maximum Hit Points; Effect Your body knits itself back together, healing you for 3d8 Hit Points.

Craft Requirements The initial raw materials must include the hides of at least two trollhounds.