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Spider Lily TattooItem 3

This Item may contain spoilers from the Season of Ghosts Adventure Path

Rare Invested Magical Necromancy Tattoo 
Source Pathfinder #196: The Summer That Never Was pg. 82
Price 60 gp
Usage tattooed on the body; Bulk
The spider lily tattoo marks you as a trusted member of Granny Hu's network. This crimson tattoo fades and becomes invisible within a day of being applied, reappearing only when you Activate it, when you gain the doomed condition, or when you die. The higher the doomed value, the more vivid the color. If your tattoo is plainly visible, you gain a +1 item bonus to Intimidation checks against all creatures that can see the tattoo, but you take a –1 item penalty to Diplomacy checks to Make an Impression on those who understand the actual meaning of the spider lily tattoo (including all of Willowshore's citizens).

Activate [one-action] envision (concentrate); Requirements Your tattoo isn't currently visible; Effect You make the tattoo visible. You can use this activation again to make the tattoo not visible, unless you have the doomed condition.

Activate [reaction] envision (concentrate); Frequency once per day; Trigger An undead creature detects you for the first time; Effect The spider lily tattoo manipulates your life force to make you appear to be undead for a short time. Attempt a Deception check against the triggering undead creature's Perception DC. On a success, the triggering undead believes you're undead as well—a mindless undead is likely to ignore you, while a sapient undead might react with curiosity or confusion. You can continue attempting Deception checks each round as a single action to Sustain the effect for up to 1 minute.