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Planar TearHazard 22

Legacy Content

Rare Complex Conjuration Divine Environmental Kaiju Teleportation 
Source Monsters of Myth pg. 40
Complexity Complex
Stealth +32 (master) to notice Ebeshra twisting its shape in preparation of creating a planar rift
Description Ebeshra opens a massive rift in the Material Plane that pulls nearby creatures into another plane entirely. The rift is typically to a random plane in the multiverse, though Ebeshra can have the rift pull creatures into a plane of Ebeshra's choosing. Additionally, Ebeshra can choose any number of creatures to be immune to the effects of the planar rift, usually due to the kaiju recognizing the innocence of the creatures.
Disable DC 47 Lore (master) related to the specific plane beyond the rift to disrupt the planar frequency and close the rift, DC 52 Arcana (legendary) or Occultism (legendary) to undo the magical manifestation of the rift, DC 55 Performance (legendary) to play a tone that counteracts the rift's harmonic frequency, or DC 55 Diplomacy (legendary) or Religion (legendary) to plead with Ebeshra to close the rift
Tear Reality [reaction] Trigger Ebeshra recognizes a nearby threat as needing an indisputable resolution, or a deity tasks Ebeshra with creating a planar rift; Effect Ebeshra twists its body, aligning its segmented sections into a fine blade, and cuts the fabric of the Material Plane. It creates an enormous rift in a point in the sky within 1 mile. The rift is 100 feet long and 50 feet wide. The hazard rolls initiative.
Routine (1 action) The rift pulls creatures within 500 feet toward it. The rift can pull any creature, regardless of its size. Creatures in the area must attempt a DC 45 Fortitude or Reflex save (the creature's choice) to resist the effects of this pull or attempt to grab something to avoid getting pulled.
Critical Success The creature resists the pull and doesn't move toward the rift.
Success The creature is moved 25 feet toward the rift.
Failure The creature is moved 50 feet toward the rift.
Critical Failure The creature is moved 100 feet toward the rift. The harsh pull causes the creature to take 10d6 bludgeoning damage.

If a creature is directly beneath the rift when the rift pulls it, the creature instead attempts a DC 50 Fortitude or Reflex save (the creature's choice) to avoid being pulled into the rift. On a failure, the creature is pulled up into the rift and thrown to a random point on the plane on the other side.
Reset Ebeshra vanishes 1 minute after opening the rift, which closes the rift. Ebeshra must wait 1 week before it can open another planar rift.