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Secrets of Magic

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Latest Errata 1.1 - 6/21/2022
Release Date 9/1/2021
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These entries have been updated with errata released on 6/21/2022

Animal Companions [1]

Shadow Hound

Animal Companions - Specialized Options [1]


Archetypes [10]

Cathartic Mage, Elementalist, Flexible Spellcaster, Geomancer, Magus, Runelord, Shadowcaster, Soulforger, Summoner, Wellspring Mage

Backgrounds [21]

Academy Dropout, Anti-Magical, Astrologer, Chosen One, Eidolon Contact, Energy Scarred, False Medium, Genie-Blessed, Magical Experiment, Magical Merchant, Magical Misfit, Musical Prodigy, Mystic Tutor, Occult Librarian, Plant Whisperer, Seer of the Dead, Song of the Deep, Street Preacher, Student of Magic, Surge Investigator, Time Traveler

Classes [2]

Magus, Summoner

Class Sample Builds [5]

Angelic Vessel (Summoner), Arcane Fist (Magus), Arcane Scrapper (Magus), God Caller (Summoner), Spell Sniper (Magus)

Druidic Orders [3]

Flame, Stone, Wave

Eidolons [10]

Angel, Anger Phantom, Beast, Construct, Demon, Devotion Phantom, Dragon, Fey, Plant, Psychopomp

Equipment [175]

Anointed Waterskin, Apotropaic Fulu, Archivist's Gaze, Auspicious Scepter, Backfire Mantle, Backfire Mantle (Greater), Bane, Bestiary of Metamorphosis, Binding Coil, Binding Coil (Greater), Blade of Four Energies, Blade of Four Energies (Greater), Book of Lingering Blaze, Brilliant, Brilliant (Greater), Burr Shield, Buzzsaw Axe, Buzzsaw Axe (Greater), Buzzsaw Axe (Major), Cantrip Deck, Cantrip Deck (5-Pack), Cantrip Deck (Full Pack), Chatterer of Follies, Cloak of Feline Rest, Codebreaker's Parchment, Codebreaker's Parchment (Greater), Codebreaker's Parchment (Major), Codex of Unimpeded Sight, Codex of Unimpeded Sight (Greater), Collar of the Eternal Bond, Conflagration Club, Dazzling Rosary, Dazzling Rosary (Greater), Deck of Illusions, Deck of Mischief, Detect Anathema Fulu, Dimensional Knot, Dispersing Bullet, Dragonbone Arrowhead, Emberheart, Endless Grimoire, Endless Grimoire (Greater), Endless Grimoire (Major), Endless Grimoire (True), Extending, Extending (Greater), Eye of Enlightenment, Familiar Tattoo, Firestarter Pellets, Firestarter Pellets (Greater), Firestarter Pellets (Major), Five-Feather Wreath, Five-Feather Wreath (Greater), Five-Feather Wreath (Major), Flaming Star, Flaming Star (Greater), Flaming Star (Major), Flask of Fellowship, Force Tiles, Fu Water, Fulu Compendium, Fulu of Fire Suppression, Fulu of Flood Suppression, Fulu of the Drunken Monkey, Fulu of the Stoic Ox, Fulus of Concealment, Ghostbane Fulu, Ghostly Portal Paint, Glasses of Sociability, Gloaming Shard, Golden Chrysalis, Grim Sandglass, Grim Sandglass (Greater), Grim Sandglass (Major), Guiding Star, Hat of Many Minds, Healer's Gel, Healer's Gel (Greater), Healer's Gel (Lesser), Healer's Gel (Moderate), Hundred-Moth Caress, Impactful, Impactful (Greater), Instructions for Lasting Agony, Invisible Chain Shirt, Jar of Shifting Sands, Keymaking Tools, Lini's Leafstick, Lion Claw, Magical Lock Fulu, Mask of Allure, Matchmaker Fulu, Mercurial Mantle, North Wind's Night Verse, Noxious Incense, Noxious Incense (Greater), Orchestral Brooch, Ouroboros Flail, Ouroboros Flail (Greater), Ouroboros Flail (Major), Perfect Droplet, Perfect Droplet (Greater), Perfect Droplet (Major), Phoenix Flask, Potion of Grounding, Potion of Minute Echoes, Potion of Shared Life, Potion of Stable Form, Potion of Stable Form (Greater), Rebound Fulu, Rebounding Breastplate, Resonating Ammunition, Restful Sleep Fulu, Restful Tent, Retrieval Prism, Retrieval Prism (Greater), Rune of Sin, Sage's Lash, Shadow Signet, Shimmering Dust, Shortbread Spy, Singing Shortbow, Singing Shortbow (Greater), Sonic Tuning Mace, Sonic Tuning Mace (Greater), Soothing Scents, South Wind's Scorch Song, Specialist's Ring, Spellbook of Redundant Enchantment, Spirit-Sealing Fulu, Spirit-Sealing Fulu (Greater), Staff of Nature's Cunning, Staff of Nature's Cunning (Greater), Staff of Nature's Cunning (Major), Staff of the Desert Winds, Staff of the Desert Winds (Greater), Staff of the Desert Winds (Major), Staff of the Desert Winds (True), Staff-Storing Shield, Staff-Storing Shield (Greater), Staff-Storing Shield (Major), Staff-Storing Shield (True), Stampede Medallion, Stampede Medallion (Greater), Stampede Medallion (Major), Stormbreaker Fulu, Stormfeather, Storyteller's Opus, Summoning Handscroll, The Old Mage Deck, Thousand-Blade Thesis, Thunderbird Tuft, Thunderbird Tuft (Greater), Thunderbird Tuft (Lesser), Thunderbird Tuft (Major), Thunderbird Tuft (Moderate), Titan's Grasp, Topology Protoplasm, Tracking Fulu, Trinity Geode, Trinity Geode (Greater), Trinity Geode (Major), True Name Amulet, True Name Amulet (Greater), True Name Amulet (Lesser), True Name Amulet (Major), True Name Amulet (Moderate), Vapor Sphere, Venomous Cure Fulu, Warding Tablets, Warding Tattoo, Warding Tattoo (Fiend), Warding Tattoo (Trail), Warding Tattoo (Wave), Waterproofing Wax

Familiar Abilities [5]

Become Shadow (familiar), Darkeater (familiar), Shadow Step (familiar), Slink In Shadows (familiar), Steal Shadow (familiar)

Familiars (Specific) [1]

Shadow Familiar

Feats [193]

Advanced Elemental Spell, Advanced Martial Magic, Advanced Synergy, Advanced Weaponry, Aeon Resonance, Airborne Form, Alacritous Action, Amphibious Form, Arcane Fists, Arcane Shroud, Attack of Opportunity, Attuned Stride, Attunement Shift, Basic Cathartic Spellcasting, Basic Magus Spellcasting, Basic Martial Magic, Basic Spellcasting, Basic Summoner Spellcasting, Basic Synergy, Blazing Streak, Blood Frenzy, Bloodletting Claws, Boost Summons, Burning Spell, Burrowing Form, Cantrip Casting, Cantrip Expansion, Capture Magic, Cascade Countermeasure, Cascading Ray, Cathartic Focus Spell, Cathartic Mage Dedication, Conflux Focus, Conflux Wellspring, Constricting Hold, Dazzling Block, Defend Summoner, Devastating Spellstrike, Dimensional Disappearance, Disciple of Shade, Dispelling Spellstrike, Distracting Spellstrike, Dousing Spell, Draw from the Land, Dual Energy Heart, Dual Studies, Effortless Concentration, Eidolon's Opportunity, Eidolon's Wrath, Elemental Familiar, Elementalist Dedication, Embed Aeon Stone, Emergency Targe, Energy Heart, Energy Resistance, Enhanced Familiar, Eternal Boost, Ever-Vigilant Senses, Expanded Senses, Expansive Spellstrike, Expert Cathartic Spellcasting, Expert Combat Eidolon, Expert Magus Spellcasting, Expert Spellcasting, Expert Summoner Spellcasting, Extend Boost, Familiar, Fiery Retort, Fire Lung, Fire Resistance, Flexible Spellcaster Dedication, Flexible Transmogrification, Force Fang, Fused Polearm, Fused Staff, Geomancer Dedication, Glider Form, Grasping Limbs, Harden Flesh, Hasted Assault, Hulking Size, Hybrid Study Spell, Infectious Emotions, Initial Eidolon Ability, Inner Fire (SoM), Interfering Surge, Knowledge is Power, Legendary Summoner, Lifelink Surge, Link Focus, Link Wellspring, Lunging Spellstrike, Magic Sense, Magical Adept, Magical Master, Magical Understudy, Magus Dedication, Magus's Analysis, Master Cathartic Spellcasting, Master Magus Spellcasting, Master Spellcasting, Master Summoner, Master Summoner Spellcasting, Meld into Eidolon, Merciless Rend, Metabolize Element, Meteoric Spellstrike, Miniaturize, Natural Swimmer, Ostentatious Arrival, Overwhelming Spellstrike, Phase Out, Polearm Tricks, Preternatural Parry, Protective Bond, Purifying Spell, Pushing Attack, Quickened Attunement, Raise a Tome, Ranged Combatant, Rapid Manifestation, Rapid Recharge, Reactive Dismissal, Read the Land, Redirect Elements, Reflective Ripple Stance, Reinforce Eidolon, Resilient Shell, Resounding Cascade, Reveal True Name, Rippling Spin, Rockslide Spell, Rough Terrain Stance, Runelord Dedication, Runic Impression, School Counterspell, School Spell Redirection, Secrets of Shadow, Shadow Reservoir, Shadow Spell, Shadow Spells, Shadowcaster Dedication, Share Eidolon Magic, Shared Attunement, Sheltering Cave, Shielded Tome, Shifting Terrain, Shore Step, Shrink Down, Signature Synergy, Sin Reservoir, Skilled Partner, Soul Arsenal, Soul Flare, Soulforger Dedication, Spell Parry, Spell Swipe, Spell-Repelling Form, Spellstriker, Spirit Sheath, Standby Spell, Starlit Eyes, Steady Spellcasting (Magus), Steadying Stone, Steed Form, Stoked Flame Stance, Striker's Scroll, Student of the Staff, Summoner Dedication, Summoner's Call, Supreme Spellstrike, Sustaining Steel, Tandem Movement, Tandem Strike, Tattoo Artist, Terrain Shield, Towering Size, Trample, Transpose, True Transmogrification, Twin Eidolon, Unending Emptiness, Unfetter Eidolon, Urgent Upwelling, Versatile Spellstrike, Vibration Sense, Wave Spiral, Weighty Impact, Wellspring Control, Wellspring Mage Dedication, Whirlwind Spell, Wind-Tossed Spell, Work Yourself Up

Hybrid Studies [5]

Inexorable Iron, Laughing Shadow, Sparkling Targe, Starlit Span, Twisting Tree

Relic Gifts [12]

Absorb Injury, Breath of Dragons, Cleanse Soul, Draconic Arrogance, Draconic Ascendance, Draconic Resistance, Dragon Strike, Force Blast, Soul Magic, Soul Puppet, Spirit Blink, Wyrm's Flight

Rituals [16]

Asmodean Wager, Awaken Object, Bathe in Blood, Concealment's Curtain, Dread Ambience, Elemental Sentinel, Empower Ley Line, Establish Nexus, Garden of Death, Guardian's Aegis, Ideal Mimicry, Mind Swap, Mystic Carriage, Portrait of Spite, Purify Soul Path, The World's a Stage

Rules [4]

Book of Unlimited Magic, Eidolons, Introduction, Magic Items

Skills (General) [1]

Tap Ley Line

Spells [205]

Aberrant Form, Angel Form, Animal Allies, Approximate, Ash Cloud, Bandit's Doom, Befitting Attire, Biting Words, Blazing Dive, Blazing Fissure, Blessing of Defiance, Blink Charge, Bloodspray Curse, Boil Blood, Boost Eidolon, Bottomless Stomach, Breadcrumbs, Bullhorn, Burning Blossoms, Canticle of Everlasting Grief, Cascade Countermeasure, Cast into Time, Catch Your Name, Chromatic Armor, Chromatic Image, Chromatic Ray, Claim Curse, Clone Companion, Combustion, Compel True Name, Concordant Choir, Coral Eruption, Corrosive Body, Cosmic Form, Crushing Ground, Daemon Form, Darklight, Day's Weight, Deity's Strike, Demon Form, Devil Form, Dimensional Assault, Distracting Chatter, Divine Armageddon, Draw Ire, Draw the Lightning, Echoing Weapon, Efficient Apport, Eidolon's Wrath, Element Embodied, Elemental Absorption, Elemental Annihilation Wave, Elemental Confluence, Elemental Gift, Elemental Zone, Envenom Companion, Evolution Surge, Extend Boost, Extract Poison, Fated Confrontation, Feral Shades, Fey Form, Flame Vortex, Flame Wisp, Flammable Fumes, Flowing Strike, Force Fang, Forceful Hand, Frigid Flurry, Gale Blast, Geyser, Glimmer of Charm, Gouging Claw, Gravitational Pull, Gravity Well, Guiding Star, Hasted Assault, Haunting Hymn, Healing Plaster, Healing Well, Horizon Thunder Sphere, Ignite Fireworks, Impending Doom, Inevitable Disaster, Inexhaustible Cynicism, Infectious Enthusiasm, Infectious Melody, Inner Radiance Torrent, Inscrutable Mask, Instant Armor, Invisibility Curtain, Invoke Spirits, Invoke True Name, Juvenile Companion, Life Connection, Lifelink Surge, Lose the Path, Lucky Number, Magic Mailbox, Magnetic Acceleration, Magnetic Attraction, Magnetic Repulsion, Mantle of the Frozen Heart, Mantle of the Magma Heart, Mimic Undead, Mind of Menace, Mirror Malefactors, Mirror's Misfortune, Mud Pit, Murderous Vine, Nature's Reprisal, Necromancer's Generosity, Necrotize, Nudge the Odds, Nullify, Ocular Overload, One with the Land, Oneiric Mire, Ooze Form, Organsight, Painful Vibrations, Pernicious Poltergeist, Persistent Servant, Petal Storm, Phantom Crowd, Phantom Prison, Pocket Library, Portrait of the Artist, Positive Attunement, Powerful Inhalation, Prismatic Armor, Proliferating Eyes, Protect Companion, Protector Tree, Puff of Poison, Pulverizing Cascade, Quick Sort, Rapid Adaptation, Ravenous Portal, Read the Air, Reinforce Eidolon, Repelling Pulse, Replicate, Restyle, Rewinding Step, Rip the Spirit, Rising Surf, Roaring Applause, Rouse Skeletons, Runic Impression, Sanguine Mist, Scatter Scree, Schadenfreude, Scorching Ray, Seashell of Stolen Sound, Shadow Army, Shadow Projectile, Shadow Raid, Shielding Strike, Shift Blame, Shooting Star, Sonata Span, Soothing Blossoms, Soothing Spring, Spinning Staff, Spiritual Attunement, Spout, Stone Lance, Sudden Recollection, Summon Anarch, Summon Archmage, Summon Axiom, Summon Deific Herald, Summon Draconic Legion, Summon Kaiju, Summon Lesser Servitor, Summoner's Precaution, Summoner's Visage, Synchronize, Tame, Tempest of Shades, Temporary Glyph, Thicket of Knives, Thundering Dominance, Thunderous Strike, Time Jump, Timely Tutor, Tortoise and the Hare, Umbral Extraction, Umbral Graft, Unexpected Transposition, Unfetter Eidolon, Unspeakable Shadow, Updraft, Variable Gravity, Voracious Gestalt, Wall of Water, Warding Aggression, Warrior's Regret, Wash Your Luck, Web of Eyes, Whirlwind, Wildfire, Winning Streak, Zero Gravity

Traits [15]

Catalyst (Equipment), Class, Contingency, Eidolon (Class-Specific), Evolution (Class-Specific), Fulu (Equipment), Grimoire (Equipment), Incarnate, Magus (Class), Pervasive Magic (Variant Rules), Spellheart (Equipment), Summoner (Class), Tandem (Class-Specific), Tattoo (Equipment), True Name (Variant Rules)