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Forgive Foe

Auditory Concentrate Linguistic Mental 
Source Kingmaker Adventure Path pg. 460
You make an attempt to force a foe to confront its guilt and face its shame for its actions. When you do so, attempt either a Diplomacy check or another check as indicated in the creature’s Shame entry; the DC is the creature’s Will DC.

Critical Success Your words strike home and allow the creature to escape its servitude to the House at the Edge of Time. The specific effects of this are listed in the creature’s Shame entry.
Success Your words give the foe pause. It suffers a –2 status penalty on all attacks, effect DCs, and its Will DC against additional Forgive Foe attempts until the end of your next turn.
Critical Failure Your attempt fails so dramatically that you instead fuel the creature’s wrath and effectively blind it to its sense of shame and guilt. For the next 24 hours, it no longer suffers the effects of shame when it attacks you and you can no longer attempt to Forgive that Foe.