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5/1/23 11:02 PM PST

Hi all! This month we start the Stolen Fate adventure path, bringing the Player's Guide and first issue to our Archives. Full details are below, thank you for all the support!

Lastly, to address a common question we've had recently surrounding the recently announced Pathfinder Remaster project: we will be maintaining both the original pre-Remaster versions of the rules alongside the new Remastered versions on the Archives. No matter which version you wish to play, the Archives of Nethys will support you.


New Books

Site Updates

  • Regional marker added to appropriate languages in the Languages section
  • Issue with squished items on the menu with certain zoom settings has been fixed
  • Some actions given better styling to distinguish them from the rest of the surrounding text

4/10/23 10:52 PM PST

Hi all! We've done a maintenance update tonight to a fix some reported issues, including the following:
  • Added missing art from Pathfinder #189
  • Added equipment art (thanks so much to Tim for his help!), starting with CRB content
  • "Reduce page width" setting fixed

4/3/23 11:21 PM PST

Hello everyone! The team has been hard at work getting the latest book and changes in, and we're happy to show you what we've got! The massive new Firebrands comes alongside the latest in the Gatewalkers adventure path, plus a host of new changes for the site! Among the many things listed below, we have a new "Deck of Many Things" feature which will allow you to "favorite" some pages for quick reference on the AoN menu (see below for details). Our search filters have also received a number of improvements, including the final replacement of our old tables in the Spells area with snazzy new options and a more responsive table.

Thanks for all of your support, and please let us know in our Discord channels if you have any feedback about the new features!

Book Updates

Site Updates

  • Our settings menu, Shelyn's Corner, can now be accessed in the mobile view. For users unfamiliar with the menu, this allows you to change your theme and adjust certain settings like the pop-up previews.
  • Themes have been separated into "themes" and "feel", where themes control color and feel controls things like rounded corners on titles or the "orc" setting.
  • Added "Deck of Many Things" to the desktop menu. You can press the heart icon in the title of a page to add pages to the deck, which you can then quickly access by opening the deck at the bottom of the navigation menu. Note that this menu is currently only available on desktop and on certain mechanics while we test it out.
  • Added "Full" result display type to search. This type displays a full version of each result page directly in the search. You can use this to have an experience more akin to reading in a book. For those of you that preferred how the background page worked before it was reworked, this display type replicates something close to that. See an example here.
  • Added "Default params" option to search. This allows you to configure which filters and options that are automatically applied for each page with the search. You could for example save so that when you visit the backgrounds page the full display type mentioned above is automatically applied, or so that traits with "All ancestries" are automatically filtered out when visiting ancestry feat pages. Note that any saved defaults are NOT applied when following a link with filters already in it. Also note that any filters saved to the search page are not applied to the quick search bar.
  • The Spell tables now use our new search-based tables. You'll find they have many new columns compared to the old ones, like Actions, Area, Range, and Duration. With this all our old tables have been replaced to the new ones.
  • Spell Catalysts now have their related spell(s) indexed, and a column has been added to the Spell Catalysts table's default columns.
  • Armor, Shields, and Weapons tables now has a level column by default. Shields also has a bulk column.
  • Armor pages now list which armor category the armor is in (Unarmored / Light / Medium / Heavy).
  • Added "Armor" filters, which can be used to filter armor category and armor groups.
  • Added a filter for "Damage Die" in the "Numbers" filter button, which can be used to filter weapon damage die size.
  • Added "Region" filter, which allows filtering regional backgrounds.
  • Moved "Reload" filter to "Weapons" instead of having its own filter button.
  • Added a search input to find available table columns.

2/26/23 10:30 PM PST

Hello everyone! We've got a massive update for you tonight with the enormous contents of an entire Treasure Vault! I cannot thank my team enough for all of their work getting this in, with huge shouts out in particular to Devin (who did the lion's share of the data entry) and Kao (for a terrifying amount of proof-reading and bug-tracking).

We hope you all enjoy the update, let us know if you find any issues on one of our Discord channels and we'll get things fixed. Thank you for supporting the Archives!

New Books

Site Updates

  • Armor, Shield, and Weapon page traits have been adjusted to use the same badge format as the rest of the site
  • Source links now go to the AoN Source page instead of Paizo's product page, though a link to the product page is still available on all AoN Source pages

2/5/23 10:16 PM PST

Hello everyone! We have some new adventure path material for you this month, adding the Fists of the Ruby Phoenix hardcover and the first in the new Gatewalkers AP, the Seventh Arch.

More importantly, we have a few other big announcements. First, as of late Friday night (around midnight) last week, we are officially on the new set of servers! We've been monitoring stability throughout the weekend and have happily seen no resurgence of the queue limit errors that plagued us daily on the old box. The PF2e site is now on a pair of massive servers with its own load balancer and this has proven to handle the new traffic we're at much better than the old (especially considering our traffic peaks continues to climb each week). This is entirely thanks to our fans and supporters - whether you've contributed to us via Patreon, Paypal, or even just by removing your ad blocker to expose the little ad at the bottom, thank you so much for your help! This week we'll be adding on a CDN like Cloudflare to help with bigger spikes, but even without that we're very pleased at how well the new hardware is handling everything.

Second, we have for you a brand new theme! We're not quite sure why, but there's been a lot of chatter about ORCs recently, so we thought we'd join in the fun and make a new ORC theme to celebrate. For those unaware, you can change AoN's color scheme by accessing the Theme options in Shelyn's Corner, located at the top right of the site. Huge thanks to Jonny and Andreas for their work in putting this together!

The last feature I want to talk about is quite amazing - Andreas has emerged from his secret lab in Numeria and unleashed his latest invention on the Archives. Powered by a tree and occult magic, explorers of the Archives can now cast Clairvoyance at will by hovering over links, providing a preview of what's within. This feature can be disabled in the settings menu, where you can also enable it for the search bar's results.

More details on the new features are below - thank you again to all our supporters and as always, enjoy the Archives!

New Books

Site Updates

  • Source pages now list their product line and source group.

Search Updates

  • The search bar now supports complex queries. Including any of the following characters :()\"+-*? will make the query use complex rules (this is the same as the automatic setting on the search page).
  • The Hazards page now uses the search app, and comes with some extra columns.
  • Class features are now indexed in the search. For example, searching for Sneak attack gives a link to the Rogue class page.
  • Creature spells are now indexed. You can search for it using complex queries, and there is a "spell" column available for the table display. See example here.
  • The search now has a "General settings" option box. You can set max width of the search app here (defaults to unlimited, but was previously limited to 1200px), and toggle if links should open in a new tab (defaults to disabled, but was previously enabled).
  • The grouped display can now display a rarity badge next to each link. See example here.
  • Grouped display link layout is now part of the URL, so you can link a specific layout to someone. Example of spells grouped by heightenable level and school, displayed vertically with summary.
  • You can now filter on source release date. The filter is found under "numbers". This was included in the previous update but was undocumented. When filtering using complex queries, the field is release_date and the value must be in ISO 8601 format (i.e. yyyy-mm-dd). Example search here.
  • The way fulltext search is generated for each page has been revamped. This means that normal text search should be more accurate than before, and all text that appear on a page should be included when searching.