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6/13/22 10:33 PM PST

Hi everyone! First off, sorry for for the delayed update - we've all been a bit busy recently, especially with things like PaizoCon, and it took a bit longer to get the update running this time.

We've still got some art to catch up on with the bestiary entries, but otherwise, please enjoy the new additions below!

New Books

4/27/22 12:02 AM PST

Hello everyone! With tonight's update we bring you the first adventure in the Outlaws of Alkenstar, Punks in a Powderkeg, along with the much anticipated Book of the Dead! Extra big shout-out to Devin, Milan, and Kao for their hard work on getting all the data entry done and reviewed before street date.

The full list of changes are below, including a new theme (thanks Star)! Thanks for using the Archives and enjoy!

New Books

Site Changes

  • Star has added a new theme to celebrate the Book of the Dead's release - check out Shelyn's Corner (paintbrush/palette symbol in the top-right corner of the site) for the new "Theme of the Dead"!

4/14/22 11:34 PM PST

Hi everyone! This was originally going to be a quiet update with some bug fixes from the last one, but with the 2nd printing of the APG out and a new wave of errata, we decided to include that with the update as well! Huge thanks to Devin for crunching through the errata and updating our databases, Kao for all the proof-reading/editing, and a special shout out to Tikael from the PF2e Foundry discord for compiling an early view of all the changes on reddit!

Paizo updated their page today with the official list and you can find the full list of what changes we made by visiting this link.

Thanks for the support and enjoy!

4/6/22 7:10 PM PST

Hi everyone! Tonight's update is the last of the Frozen Flame adventure paths, along with a new section to our site that the team's been eagerly waiting to make live. Big thanks to Devin and Milan for their work on putting together the new item bonus table.

For full information on everything, see the changelog below, and thanks for the support!

New Books

Site Updates

  • We've created a new table to track "Item Bonuses", that being equipment which grants you an item bonus to a skill, Perception, etc. We now show these lists in a collapsible group on every Skill's page (example: Athletics), the Perception rules page, and the General Skills. We also added a list to look at all of them, if that's your desire.
  • Please note, these tables do not sort/filter/do anything fancy yet. We wanted to get them up and usable first and figured we could work on adding fancy bits as time goes on.

2/28/22 11:54 PM PST

This month brings the second part of Quest for the Frozen Flame, which comes with some interesting new alchemical items and rules on creating the megafauna type of creature. You can find all the details in the link below - thanks for visiting the Archives!

New Books