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2/25/24 2:56 PM PST

Hello everyone!

You all have been waiting for a long time, and I assure you, the wait is almost over. The team has not only completed entry of Player Core, but is well on their way to finishing GM Core as well, meaning we can do a full launch of both Remaster books in the same release.

As for that release date, we are pleased to announce it is coming to you soon on Wednesday, March 13th. I know this may still seem a ways off to some, but it is what fate has decided is the time needed for us to finish entry of the books and do enough bug fixing and polish so that the launch is as smooth as possible.

I want to give a humongous thanks to not just the entire AoN team, but specific shout-outs to Andreas, Devin, and Milan - these three have shouldered the lion's share of data entry and updates and we would not be getting as amazing as a finished product without their efforts.

As for what's next - after the Remaster, we plan on focusing purely on Monster Core until that's in. We're estimating 4-6 weeks after the Remaster launches before we'll have Monster Core. Past that, we'll catch up on any missed APs and other products, then get back to our normal monthly releases.

Until then, thank you as always for sticking with us, and we hope you enjoy the final update as much as we do. Happy gaming!

10/18/23 9:02 PM PST

Hi everyone! It's been a little bit since our last update, apologies for the delays on that front. A work incident plus a recent vacation (first one in 8 years, woo!) took me out of commission for a little while and I was unable to get the latest build pushed up until now. Changes are below. This should be our last update before the Remaster, we'll certainly have a longer changelog for you then. Until then, enjoy the new content!

New Books

Site Updates

  • Cleaned up a few bugs with PWL (Proficiency Without Level) adjustments on creature statblocks
  • Fixed some "activation" related actions not being included in the search index

8/3/23 1:05 PM PST

Hello everyone, and happy GenCon! I've always loved August (it's when I arrived on this world), and it just so happens that it's a great month for gaming as well! Rage of Elements comes out today, the Pathfinder 2e Remaster is on the horizon, and my spies in the Starfinder world have informed me that a 2nd edition of Starfinder is coming! Quite exciting!

This update was a big one, and while everyone on the team deserves humongous kudos for all of their work, I want to give an extra big shout out to Devin, who handled the load of data entry on this one and my goodness, it was a hefty load!

Regarding the Remaster, we've put together our plan for how we'll be handling this in November - you can read the details below. We don't have any of these changes in yet, and as a result, you may see some mechanics which have "different versions" for a little bit (such as two versions of Grab). This is a temporary bug and ultimately will be fixed in November when we push out the final changes for the Remaster.

If you have any questions or find any other bugs, please come by our Discord channels and let us know. Until then, thanks for your support, and enjoy the content!

New Books

Site Updates

  • Added a new toggle to Shelyn's Corner (menu is in the top-right) that will replace all font with more dyslexia-friendly versions. This was actually an update from last time but missed announcement in the news post.
  • Updated action icons to use ligatures. This means you can now copy-paste an icon and for example get [two-actions] in your clipboard (search page already had this, but now it's sitewide).
  • Added random sort to search. You can combine it with the teleport parameter to create links to random pages, e.g. here's a link to a random spell.
  • Deity pages now list any pantheons the deity is part of (Previously pantheons listed their members, but not vice versa).
  • Weapon pages now explicitly list if the weapon is melee or ranged.
  • Updated complex query field list so that all available fields are listed (found under "Query type").
  • Added creature_ability and element fields to search (with table columns).
  • Search filter boxes are now sorted by the order opened (most recent at the top) instead of alphabetically.
  • Search URLs are now slightly shorter and easier to read. The URLs previously used URL-encoded characters for separation (like %20 or %3B), but now + is used whenever possible.
  • Spell list updated with new Elementalist layout - option to sort spells by Element now available. You can choose between one of the two philosophies, or just see all elemental spells grouped by element regardless of philosophy.

Remaster Plan

  • A Global Setting will be made available in Shelyn's Corner with options of "Legacy" or "Remaster". Default will be "Remaster".
  • This setting will only impact the visibility of "hybrid" mechanics - those with a legacy version and a remaster version (regardless of if it's a simple name change or a more complex difference). You will see the name / mechanics of whatever setting you have on in Shelyn's Corner.
  • Mechanics which were only present in one version or the other will be visible on both views. However, mechanics from an edition you are not presently focused on will have a warning banner at the top to indicate they are from the other version and the rules may not function exactly as they did.
  • On all "hybrid" mechanics there will be an additional toggle to switch between Remaster/Legacy versions, without impacting your global setting. This is for quickly checking out the differences between versions.

7/16/23 7:31 PM PST

Hi everyone! Time seems to be flying by faster than ever these days, and we've got a few more books for you this month. Next month brings us Rage of Elements, which includes a few of the new Remaster changes coming to Pathfinder. We'll have more news on that functionality and features in the coming weeks, and while we will do our best to get the books online on time, please understand that the Remaster necessitates a lot of change to our site structure which may delay data entry a bit. Hopefully not, time will tell.

Until then, please enjoy the new releases!

New Books

6/5/23 10:04 PM PST

Hi all! Not a lot to announce this month, the full list is below. Just to remind everyone, we do plan to support the Remaster and still maintain the original Core as well - we'll have more plans to announce on that front in the coming updates.

New Books

Site Updates

  • Added more equipment art from the Advanced Player's Guide and Treasure Vault
  • Fixed a few bugs with the Proficiency Without Level system on creature statblocks
  • New main menu options added for the Equipment section (only on modern menu, not on classic menu)