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11/21/22 1:27 AM PST

Hello everyone! We're a little late posting this one and I apologize for that, the holidays slammed into us a bit harder than normal and Kingmaker was a lot of content.

That said, we're happy now to bring you a fantastically beefy update! The full details are below, and as I alluded to before, HUGE thanks to the AoN team for all of their hard work in getting these books in and updated. The Kingmaker project was certainly a daunting one but we're happy with how everything ended up. Please come visit us on one of our Discord feedback channels if you spy any bugs, but otherwise please enjoy the new content!

New Books

Site Updates

  • We've created new sections for all Kingmaker content, including new pages for Events, Structures, Armies, and more! You can access this content via a sub-header at the top of the Kingmaker page in our Settings > Adventure area, or from any Source page that includes Kingdom building content, like the latest Kingmaker books!
  • Our Equipment tables have been swapped over to the ElastiSearch table system we've been migrating our table structure onto. Feats is up next and should be seeing a similar change with our next month's update.

10/13/22 10:15 PM PST

Hi everyone! This month brings the latest in the Blood Lords line, along with some updates to our Adventures section. Full details are below, thanks for using the Archives!

New Books

Site Updates

  • We've updated our Adventures area with all the information we'd been missing from Extinction Curse.

9/1/22 11:10 PM PST

Hi everyone! There's a long list of changes with tonight's post so I won't take up too much time with the prelude. We have a couple of new titles for the Archives and a large number of improvements and new features for the search engine, which Andreas has written up a nice changelog for you'll find below this post. One of the biggest highlights to call out is that a popular request, the older search's view of grouping by category, has made its way into the new search and is now an available result display option!

Please keep letting us know if you have more feedback by coming to visit us on our Discord channels :) Without further ado, here's the new content! Thanks for your support!

New Books

Site Updates

  • We have replaced the Telerik tables on our Creatures, Deities, and Domains pages with our new search filters similar to what you've seen on the Backgrounds page. The Monster Filter page has been replaced with this new functionality. For more details on using the search, please see below.

Search Changes

  • Filter dropdown menu replaced with buttons: As the number of available filters increases the dropdown becomes unwieldy. Replacing the dropdown with buttons gives a better overview of available filters, a better differentiation between filters and options, and a way to give faster access to some of the most commonly used filters [image].
  • Grouped result display type: This new display type groups results based on selected field(s). By default it groups by Type, which gives a view very similar to what the previous search page had [example search]. Grouping on other fields can get you some neat overviews, for example [weapons grouped by weapon type, group, and category], [spells grouped by range], [alchemical poisons grouped by duration], and [creatures grouped by family and size]. There is also an option to display the results in a vertical list, either with or without a summary. This provides a view similar to the spell list page [image].
  • Automatic query type: There is now an option to make the search app automatically switch between the Standard and Complex query types based on your query input. If enabled, when any characters used in complex queries are detected it will automatically switch to that query type. This setting is remembered between page loads.
  • View current filters as complex query: A new section in the Query type box displays your current filters as a complex query. You can use this to get some examples of the syntax [image].
  • Page default display setting: There's a new set of buttons in the Result display box that lets you set default display settings per page. Your saved default is applied whenever the search is loaded (unless there's display settings in the URL).
  • User-defined column sets: In addition to the predefined column sets you can now save your own sets for easy access [image].
  • Configurable result amount: You can now configure how many results should be fetched each time. Be aware that fetching many results will make the search slower [image].
  • Traits grouped by category: There is now a checkbox to group traits by category. You can use this to quickly select all traits of a specific category [image].

Search Changes - New/Updated Fields

  • Added apocryphal_spell and advanced_apocryphal_spell for domains.
  • Indexed related skill to feats and items. You can now find items with an item bonus to a skill by filtering that skill [example search].
  • Added base_item field to items, containing the base armor/shield/weapon for specific magic items.
  • Added heighten_level to cantrip/rituals/spells, containing each level they can be heightened to (incl. base level).

7/27/22 12:00 AM PST

Hi everyone! We have quite the fantastic update for you tonight! Alongside our new books, which include titans of data entry like Dark Archive, we have a brand new search engine to show off to all of you! I want to give a huge shout out to everyone on my team for all their work into putting this together - to our data entry crew for getting everything in, the editors for proof-reading and bug checking, and a huge thanks to Star and our newest team member, Andreas, for their phenomenal work on both a new drop-down system for the quick-search bar AND the new search engine itself!

Full details on everything are below - with such big changes we expect a bug or two, so be sure to let us know about it on one of our contact threads. As always, thank you for all of your support!

New Books

Site Updates

  • The primary search engine has been completely overhauled and switched over to a new system! You should find it returns results much quicker and has quite the array of filtering options. Please check it out and let us know if you find any issues or have any requests for filter options that aren't present.
  • In addition, we've updated the "quick search" bar at the top of the site to point to this AND Star has created a lovely new drop-down that will populate as you put search terms into the quick search bar. This can quickly take you to the page you want to go and will show useful information like level, price, and later on we'll be adding PFS status to this as well. One known issue with the quick search is the order priority it uses is different from our main search page - we will be fixing this in a future update to use the main search's priority, so both result sets would be the same order. Note: This quick search is only available in the mobile and modern menus, the old classic menu does not have this feature.
  • We've replaced the General Backgrounds page with a new type of table, based on the search engine replacement. Not only can the search return desired datasets in List format, like the default search page, but it can return results in Table format as well! Check out the "Result display" filter option to toggle back and forth between these yourself. Let us know how you feel about this table setup, as we are likely going to replace our existing Telerik tables (such as the ones in Feats and Equipment) with similar tables like the new one in Backgrounds.
  • Star has added a new theme based on a submission from our editor, Jonny, called Blackbird. We've had a few questions on whether we can take custom theme suggestions from users - we have talked about this but we aren't quite in a place to facilitate this yet. We will be sure to let everyone know when we can enable that, of course :)
  • Due to time constaints on getting Dark Archive in, we don't yet have the adventure-specific material or art from PF 181 up. We hope to have that in shortly.

7/4/22 11:13 PM PST

Hi everyone!

I'm sorry things have been so crazy around here for the last few weeks. As many of you are aware, the website is a custom labor of love and can have its growing pains. In this case, the amount of traffic and data in our systems hit such a level that a few of our pages had issues on their initial loads: Archetypes, Backgrounds, and Feats were the big ones. The amount of calculations and SQL calls these pages were doing caused ripples of impact throughout the site, and its only recently we've had time to get things re-written in a way that will reduce the problems going on now.

With tonight's update, we are in no way done with the changes. Archetypes and Feats will be much improved after tonight, while Backgrounds may still be choppy for another week or so until I can get things switched over to the newer table.

Additionally, we know that users have had issues with our search engine for some time. The search engine is another custom piece that we created years ago and, while we've always been proud of what we made, there are certainly third party tools that can do the job better. As many of you have pointed out, Galdiuz's "Nethys Search" was an incredibly efficient search engine that allowed users to filter through our data in a quick and intuitive manner.

Well, I agreed with all of you - so much so that back in late April, I reached out to Andreas (Galdiuz) and he agreed to join our team and bring that search engine to the website. While we aren't quite done with the changes yet, we have already setup Elastisearch on our server and Andreas has been plugging away at getting things converted over. So those of you who have enjoyed his search engine will continue to enjoy it as we expand upon it and hook it more directly into the Archives data source.

I appreciate everyone's patience during these times and for limiting the vents of frustration. I take the lion's share of responsibility for these delays, having made myself a bit of a bottle-neck in a few areas unfortunately. The Archives can be a bit of a weight sometimes and after over 12 years of working on it, its not always easy to find the will to work on it week after week. The support you all have shown, however, has been phenomenal. I was shocked that even while I was stressed and tearing my hair out over the site's performance issues, people were still donating to the Patreon and sending in what they could. I have felt the website's performance lately made it less deserving of such support, but the messages and outpouring of well wishes have been extremely touching.

Thank you all for the support of the Archives, and again, I am sorry for how rough things have been lately. Rest assured that we are aware of what needs to be done to improve things (.NET version update to allow us some improved caching options is a big one) and are always working on making the site a better experience. Thanks as well to everyone on my team for their hard work, and to our newest team member for creating such a fantastic search, I can't wait for you all to see it. We'll have more fixes and changes in the weeks to come!

New Books

Site Updates

Known Issues

  • Art still needs to be processed for the last couple Pathfinder issues. The files we get sent from Paizo require some work in Photoshop and file adjustments before use, just haven't had time yet. Will fill in the backlog soon. For those of you who are fans of Starfinder, I hope to have Alien Archive art coming your way as well.
  • Backgrounds list page may experience loading issues for another week or so.