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2/26/23 10:30 PM PST

Hello everyone! We've got a massive update for you tonight with the enormous contents of an entire Treasure Vault! I cannot thank my team enough for all of their work getting this in, with huge shouts out in particular to Devin (who did the lion's share of the data entry) and Kao (for a terrifying amount of proof-reading and bug-tracking).

We hope you all enjoy the update, let us know if you find any issues on one of our Discord channels and we'll get things fixed. Thank you for supporting the Archives!

New Books

Site Updates

  • Armor, Shield, and Weapon page traits have been adjusted to use the same badge format as the rest of the site
  • Source links now go to the AoN Source page instead of Paizo's product page, though a link to the product page is still available on all AoN Source pages

2/5/23 10:16 PM PST

Hello everyone! We have some new adventure path material for you this month, adding the Fists of the Ruby Phoenix hardcover and the first in the new Gatewalkers AP, the Seventh Arch.

More importantly, we have a few other big announcements. First, as of late Friday night (around midnight) last week, we are officially on the new set of servers! We've been monitoring stability throughout the weekend and have happily seen no resurgence of the queue limit errors that plagued us daily on the old box. The PF2e site is now on a pair of massive servers with its own load balancer and this has proven to handle the new traffic we're at much better than the old (especially considering our traffic peaks continues to climb each week). This is entirely thanks to our fans and supporters - whether you've contributed to us via Patreon, Paypal, or even just by removing your ad blocker to expose the little ad at the bottom, thank you so much for your help! This week we'll be adding on a CDN like Cloudflare to help with bigger spikes, but even without that we're very pleased at how well the new hardware is handling everything.

Second, we have for you a brand new theme! We're not quite sure why, but there's been a lot of chatter about ORCs recently, so we thought we'd join in the fun and make a new ORC theme to celebrate. For those unaware, you can change AoN's color scheme by accessing the Theme options in Shelyn's Corner, located at the top right of the site. Huge thanks to Jonny and Andreas for their work in putting this together!

The last feature I want to talk about is quite amazing - Andreas has emerged from his secret lab in Numeria and unleashed his latest invention on the Archives. Powered by a tree and occult magic, explorers of the Archives can now cast Clairvoyance at will by hovering over links, providing a preview of what's within. This feature can be disabled in the settings menu, where you can also enable it for the search bar's results.

More details on the new features are below - thank you again to all our supporters and as always, enjoy the Archives!

New Books

Site Updates

  • Source pages now list their product line and source group.

Search Updates

  • The search bar now supports complex queries. Including any of the following characters :()\"+-*? will make the query use complex rules (this is the same as the automatic setting on the search page).
  • The Hazards page now uses the search app, and comes with some extra columns.
  • Class features are now indexed in the search. For example, searching for Sneak attack gives a link to the Rogue class page.
  • Creature spells are now indexed. You can search for it using complex queries, and there is a "spell" column available for the table display. See example here.
  • The search now has a "General settings" option box. You can set max width of the search app here (defaults to unlimited, but was previously limited to 1200px), and toggle if links should open in a new tab (defaults to disabled, but was previously enabled).
  • The grouped display can now display a rarity badge next to each link. See example here.
  • Grouped display link layout is now part of the URL, so you can link a specific layout to someone. Example of spells grouped by heightenable level and school, displayed vertically with summary.
  • You can now filter on source release date. The filter is found under "numbers". This was included in the previous update but was undocumented. When filtering using complex queries, the field is release_date and the value must be in ISO 8601 format (i.e. yyyy-mm-dd). Example search here.
  • The way fulltext search is generated for each page has been revamped. This means that normal text search should be more accurate than before, and all text that appear on a page should be included when searching.

1/9/23 12:14 AM PST

Hello everyone, happy new year!

I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season and you're all ready for some new Pathfinder material! As we get further into 2023, I realize that this series of sites (starting with PF1e) has been running for almost thirteen years, which is an insane number to me. It is absolutely bonkers that what started as a fan project between jobs has blossomed into what it is now, with a whole team of fantastic volunteers helping to keep the machine running every update. I'm incredibly grateful for my team and to everyone who's been supporting the site - thank you all, friends old and new!

Sentimentality out of the way, let's get to the content!

New Books

Site Updates

  • The Core Rulebook has been updated to the latest 4th printing - check out all the changes on Paizo's website here.
  • We've added in missed rules from the Kingmaker books, including new sections for Camping Activities and Campsite Meals, among some other miscellaneous rules.
  • Our Feat tables have been updated to use the same engine as our search and other tables across the site. Please test these out and let us know if you spot any issues!
  • The default sort on the Equipment tables has been restored to its original order.
  • Manually sorting any of the new tables will now completely remove our default sort order before applying your desired sort.

Known Issues

  • While we've only had a few cases of this, users may experience an issue where the search engine or data tables do not appear to return any results. We are working on a permanent fix to address this issue I hope to get into place sometime in the next month or two - in the interim, trying other networks or disabling an active VPN may resolve the problem.

11/21/22 1:27 AM PST

Hello everyone! We're a little late posting this one and I apologize for that, the holidays slammed into us a bit harder than normal and Kingmaker was a lot of content.

That said, we're happy now to bring you a fantastically beefy update! The full details are below, and as I alluded to before, HUGE thanks to the AoN team for all of their hard work in getting these books in and updated. The Kingmaker project was certainly a daunting one but we're happy with how everything ended up. Please come visit us on one of our Discord feedback channels if you spy any bugs, but otherwise please enjoy the new content!

New Books

Site Updates

  • We've created new sections for all Kingmaker content, including new pages for Events, Structures, Armies, and more! You can access this content via a sub-header at the top of the Kingmaker page in our Settings > Adventure area, or from any Source page that includes Kingdom building content, like the latest Kingmaker books!
  • Our Equipment tables have been swapped over to the ElastiSearch table system we've been migrating our table structure onto. Feats is up next and should be seeing a similar change with our next month's update.

10/13/22 10:15 PM PST

Hi everyone! This month brings the latest in the Blood Lords line, along with some updates to our Adventures section. Full details are below, thanks for using the Archives!

New Books

Site Updates

  • We've updated our Adventures area with all the information we'd been missing from Extinction Curse.