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PFS StandardImp

Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 147
Alignment An imp must be lawful evil.
Required Number of Abilities 8
Granted Abilities darkvision, flier, manual dexterity, resistance (fire and poison), skilled (deception), speech, touch telepathy

Imp familiars pretend to be subservient in order to trick their masters into losing their souls to Hell.

Imp Invisibility

Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 147
Once per hour, your imp familiar can cast 2nd-level invisibility on itself as a divine innate spell.

Infernal Temptation Single Action

Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 147
Frequency once per day; Effect The imp offers a non-fiend within 15 feet a bargain, granting a boon of good luck if the creature accepts. The boon lasts for 1 hour once accepted. If the creature dies while the boon is in place, its soul travels to Hell, where it is bound for eternity and unable to be raised or resurrected except by wish or similar magic. Once during the hour, the creature can roll an attack roll or saving throw twice and use the higher result.