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PFS StandardAncestral Suspicion Feat 5

Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 43

Long-lived elves have seen civilizations rise and fall, often at the hands of outside forces. As a result, they have developed a wariness of others who might seek to influence or control them. You've been trained to resist such manipulation, gaining a +2 circumstance bonus to saving throws against effects that would make you controlled, such as dominate, and to Perception checks to Sense Motive when trying to determine if a creature is under the influence of such an effect. When you roll a success on a saving throw against such an effect, you get a critical success instead.



A creature with this trait is a member of the elf ancestry. Elves are mysterious people with rich traditions of magic and scholarship who typically have low-light vision. An ability with this trait can be used or selected only by elves. A weapon with this trait is created and used by elves.