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PFS StandardFlamboyant Athlete Feat 4

Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 89 2.0
Prerequisites expert in Athletics

Your panache allows you to perform incredible feats: climbing, swimming, and leaping far beyond your normal capacity. While you have panache, you gain the following benefits.
  • You gain climb and swim Speeds equal to half your land Speed.
  • The DCs of your High Jumps and Long Jumps decrease by 10. This doesn't combine with other abilities that reduce those DCs.
  • The distance you can move with a vertical Leap increases to 5 feet. Your distance for a horizontal Leap increases to 15 feet if your Speed is at least 15 feet, or to 20 feet if your Speed is at least 30 feet.

Flamboyant Athlete Leads To...

Flamboyant Leap