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PFS StandardTargeting Finisher Single ActionFeat 10

Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 92

Your attack harms and hinders your foe. Choose a particular part of your foe from the list below and Strike. If you hit and damage the target, apply the effect corresponding to the chosen part. This hindrance lasts until the end of your next turn. On a critical hit, you also apply a lesser effect lasting for 1 minute.
  • Arm (or another limb used for attacks, such as a tentacle) The target is enfeebled 2. On a critical hit, it is also enfeebled 1 for 1 minute.
  • Head The target is stupefied 2. On a critical hit, it is also stupefied 1 for 1 minute.
  • Legs The target takes a –10-foot status penalty to its Speeds. On a critical hit, it also takes a –5-foot status penalty to its Speeds for 1 minute.



Finishers are spectacular finishing moves that use your panache. You can use a finisher only if you have panache, and you lose your panache immediately after performing a finisher. Once you use a finisher, you can't use any actions that have the attack trait for the rest of your turn.

Some actions that have the finisher trait also grant an effect on a failure. Effects added on a failure don't apply on a critical failure. If your finisher action succeeds, you can still choose to apply the failure effect instead. For example, you might do this when an attack deals no damage due to resistance.