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Spirit's Wrath Single ActionFeat 12

Source Core Rulebook pg. 92
Prerequisites spirit instinct

You call forth an ephemeral apparition, typically the ghost of an ancestor or a nature spirit, which takes the form of a wisp. The spirit wisp makes a melee wisp rush unarmed attack against an enemy within 120 feet of you. The wisp’s attack modifier is equal to your proficiency bonus for martial weapons plus your Strength modifier plus a +2 item bonus, and it applies the same circumstance and status bonuses and penalties that you have. On a hit, the wisp deals damage equal to 4d8 plus your Constitution modifier. The damage is your choice of negative or positive damage; don’t apply your Rage damage or your weapon specialization damage, but circumstance and status bonuses and penalties that would also affect the wisp’s damage apply. If your wisp’s Strike is a critical hit, the target becomes frightened 1. This attack uses and counts toward your multiple attack penalty as if you were the one attacking.