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PFS StandardAnarchic Arcana Feat 9

Source Ancestry Guide pg. 97 2.0

The magic in your blood is unpredictable. When you make your daily preparations, roll 1d12 twice and consult the following list. 1: acid arrow; 2: blur; 3: hideous laughter; 4: humanoid form; 5: illusory object; 6: mirror image; 7: resist energy; 8: see invisibility; 9: shatter; 10: sound burst; 11: spider climb; 12: telekinetic maneuver. You can cast each of those two spells once during the following day (or one spell twice if you rolled doubles) as 2nd-level divine innate spells.



A planar scion descended from a chaotic being of the Maelstrom, such as a protean