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PFS StandardAvatar's Audience Feat 20

Source Core Rulebook pg. 127 4.0

Your extensive service has made you a lesser herald of your deity, which affords you certain privileges. First, any creature you encounter knows instinctively that you speak for your deity. Second, if you conduct the commune ritual to contact your deity, you don’t have to pay any cost and you automatically get a critical success. Third, once per day, you can cast plane shift as a divine innate spell, but only to travel to the realm of your deity. When you cast it this way, its casting time is 1 minute, your religious symbol is a sufficient tuning fork for this spell, and you appear exactly where you want to be. If you’re in your deity’s realm due to this spell, you can return to the point you left when you cast it by spending a single action, which has the concentrate and divine traits.