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PFS StandardReactive Pursuit Feat 4

Source Core Rulebook pg. 185 2.0
Archetypes Alkenstar Agent*, Ghoul*
Trigger An adjacent foe moves away from you, and you can reach at least one space adjacent to the foe with a Stride action.
* This archetype offers Reactive Pursuit at a different level than displayed here.

You keep pace with a retreating foe. You Stride, but you must end your movement adjacent to the triggering enemy. Your move does not trigger reactions from the triggering enemy. You can use Reactive Pursuit to Burrow, Climb, Fly, or Swim instead of Stride if you have the corresponding movement type.

Archetype Use

This feat can be used for one or more Archetypes in addition to the listed Classes. When selected this way, the feat is not considered to have its class traits.