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PFS LimitedAsh

Legacy Content

Source Pathfinder #185: A Taste of Ashes pg. 80
You see all things in the world as little more than fleeting and temporary, waiting to be purified into their base essence: the ash left behind after a burning fire. While you understand fire is a necessary part of this process, you see fire mostly as a tool to achieve final purity, not a goal. You have much in common with oracles with the flames mystery, but you may consider them to be short-sighted, or at best simply lacking in understanding of the truths that their burning fires impart.

You might see ash as the only true representation of the impermanent nature of life and its pointless existence. Alternatively, you may see the benefit ash can have on soils and farmlands as part of a larger cycle of death and rebirth. Perhaps you see the phoenix, with its life cycle of being reduced to ash and reborn, as a sacred creature that has achieved a higher state of being and worthy of imitation (or maybe you see it as a tragic creature that can't ever reach the goal of perfection). If you follow a deity, you might follow gods of fire like Sarenrae, those who burn impurities to ash such as Brigh or Torag, or those who strive to burn all things to ash, such as the archdevil Moloch or the demon lord Flauros.

Mystery Benefit Your flesh flows around physical threats like a cloud of ash. You gain resistance equal to half your level (minimum 1) against all physical damage and you gain a +2 circumstance bonus to saves and DCs against Grapple, Shove, and forced movement.
Trained Skill Occultism
Granted Cantrip produce flame
Revelation Spells initial: ashen wind; advanced: incendiary ashes; greater: ash form
Related Domains destruction, fire

PFS LimitedCurse of Creeping Ashes

Legacy Content

Source Pathfinder #185: A Taste of Ashes pg. 80
Your body is slowly being consumed by the fires of your internal power, purifying you with each passing day. You are occasionally wracked with dry, wheezing coughs, and wherever you go you leave behind a fine trace of ash that falls from your body.

Minor Curse The smoldering furnace of power within you begins to feed on your body and generate ash, which you inhale with every breath and leave behind with every step, impeding your footing. You take a –1 penalty on Constitution-based checks, such as Fortitude saves, and your Speed is reduced by 10 feet.

Moderate Curse The ash you produce intensifies and fills the area around you, obscuring details and making the ground challenging to navigate. You are dazzled. An aura of ash surrounds you in a 10-foot emanation. You and creatures in the aura are concealed. If you do not move for 1 round, heaps of ashes settle in the aura, creating difficult terrain that lasts until you move (when the ashes blow away).

Major Curse You and nearby creatures collapse into ash with the slightest flame. Within your moderate curse's aura, you and all creatures gain weakness to fire equal to half your level. If a creature other than you in this aura is killed by fire damage, its body collapses into ash. Objects and structures in your aura halve their Hardness, and any parts of the object or structures in your aura that are reduced to 0 Hit Points collapse into ash.