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PFS StandardBomber

Source Core Rulebook pg. 73 3.0
You specialize in explosions and other violent alchemical reactions. You start with the formulas for two 1st-level alchemical bombs in your formula book, in addition to your other formulas.

When throwing an alchemical bomb with the splash trait, you can deal splash damage to only your primary target instead of the usual splash area.

Field DiscoveryLevel 5

When using advanced alchemy to make bombs during your daily preparations, you can use a batch of reagents to create any three bombs instead of just two of the same bomb.

Perpetual InfusionsLevel 7

Choose two of the following formulas: lesser acid flask, lesser alchemist’s fire, lesser bottled lightning, lesser frost vial, lesser tanglefoot bag, lesser thunderstone.

Perpetual PotencyLevel 11

The moderate versions of the bombs you chose for perpetual infusions.

Greater Field DiscoveryLevel 13

You can increase the splash on your bombs to damage creatures within 10 feet, or 15 feet if you have Expanded Splash.

Perpetual PerfectionLevel 17

The greater versions of the bombs you chose for perpetual infusions.