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PFS StandardToxicologist

Legacy Content

Source Advanced Player's Guide pg. 106 2.0
You specialize in toxins and venoms of all types. You start with the formulas for two common 1st-level alchemical poisons in your formula book, in addition to your other formulas. You can apply an injury poison you're holding to a weapon you're wielding as a single action, rather than as a 2-action activity, and you can change the DCs of your infused poisons to your class DC if it's higher.

Field DiscoveryLevel 5

When using advanced alchemy to make poisons during your daily preparations, you can spend one batch of reagents to create three poisons in any combination, instead of just two of the same poison.

Perpetual InfusionsLevel 7

Choose two common 1st-level alchemical poisons.

Perpetual PotencyLevel 11

Choose two common 5th-level or lower alchemical poisons.

Greater Field DiscoveryLevel 13

You can apply two different injury poisons to the same weapon, though not to a piece of ammunition. The two poisons can be up to six levels lower than your level, and you can't use the poisons made without spending a batch of infused reagents via perpetual infusions. Applying the two poisons requires a separate action to apply each poison. Once completed, you combine the two poisons on the weapon into a double poison with the lower of the two poisons' DCs. This double poison is only virulent if both poisons were virulent, and if the poisons have a different number of stages, the double poison has a number of stages equal to the poison with the lower number of stages. The target takes the effects of both poisons for its current stage.

Perpetual PerfectionLevel 17

Choose two common 11th-level or lower alchemical poisons.