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Chapter 2: Tools / Relics

Adjusting Treasure

Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 95
When you incorporate relics into your game, you can adjust the treasure gained by the party down to account for the relics increasing in power. Essentially, some of the treasure from Table 10–9: Party Treasure by Level on page 509 of the Core Rulebook should be replaced with relic seeds and gifts instead. You can use the relic’s minimum level, replacing a permanent item of that level, or you can use the gp equivalent. Keep in mind that relic gifts are often a little more powerful than other items with the same Price even when they start out, and they often scale without any additional costs, so PCs with relics will usually be a bit more powerful.

If you prefer, you can grant relics in addition to other rewards. This means PCs will be much more powerful, but you’re rewarding their investment in the story.