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Chapter 2: Tools

Gems and Art Objects

Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 114
Many people treasure gems for their brilliant colors and for the alchemical or even magical properties some have. Works of art and their value, meanwhile, vary as widely as the concept of beauty between cultures. They may be more elegant versions of useful items, or exist solely to be admired and envied.

Much like coins, gems and art objects are valuable currency worth their full Price when sold. When making a treasure hoard, you can choose gems or art objects you like, or roll randomly using percentile dice.


Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 114
Gems are naturally occurring minerals, typically in a crystalline form, or, in a few cases, organic material such as amber, coral, and pearls. All but the largest gems weigh about half as much as a coin, so about 2,000 gems is 1 Bulk. Unworked gems are worth half the Price of a finished gem and can serve as the minimum raw materials necessary to Craft the finished gem. Lesser semiprecious stones are level 0 items, moderate and greater semiprecious stones are 1st‑level items, lesser and moderate precious stones are 4th‑level items that require expert proficiency to Craft, and greater precious stones are 7th-level items that require master proficiency to Craft.

Table 2-23: Gems

d%Lesser Semiprecious StonesPrice
1–7Agate1d4×5 sp
8–14Alabaster1d4×5 sp
15–21Azurite1d4×5 sp
22–28Hematite1d4×5 sp
29–35Lapis lazuli1d4×5 sp
36–42Malachite1d4×5 sp
43–49Obsidian1d4×5 sp
50–56Pearl, irregular freshwater1d4×5 sp
57–63Pyrite1d4×5 sp
64–70Rhodochrosite1d4×5 sp
71–77Quartz, rock crystal1d4×5 sp
78–84Shell1d4×5 sp
85–92Tiger’s-eye1d4×5 sp
93–100Turquoise1d4×5 sp
d%Moderate Semiprecious StonesPrice
1–7Bloodstone1d4×25 sp
8–14Carnelian1d4×25 sp
15–21Chrysoprase1d4×25 sp
22–28Citrine1d4×25 sp
29–35Ivory1d4×25 sp
36–42Jasper1d4×25 sp
43–49Moonstone1d4×25 sp
50–56Onyx1d4×25 sp
57–63Peridot1d4×25 sp
64–70Quartz, milky, rose, or smoky1d4×25 sp
71–77Sard1d4×25 sp
78–84Sardonyx1d4×25 sp
85–92Spinel, red or green1d4×25 sp
93–100Zircon1d4×25 sp
d%Greater Semiprecious StonesPrice
1–10Amber1d4×5 gp
11–20Amethyst1d4×5 gp
21–30Chrysoberyl1d4×5 gp
31–40Coral1d4×5 gp
41–50Garnet1d4×5 gp
51–60Jade1d4×5 gp
61–70Jet1d4×5 gp
71–80Pearl, saltwater1d4×5 gp
81–90Spinel, deep blue1d4×5 gp
91–100Tourmaline1d4×5 gp
d%Lesser Precious StonesPrice
1–25Aquamarine1d4×50 gp
26–50Opal1d4×50 gp
51–75Pearl, black1d4×50 gp
76–100Topaz1d4×50 gp
d%Moderate Precious StonesPrice
1–25Diamond, small1d4×100 gp
26–50Emerald1d4×100 gp
51–75Ruby, small1d4×100 gp
76–100Sapphire1d4×100 gp
d%Greater Precious StonesPrice
1–25Diamond, large1d4×500 gp
26–50Emerald, brilliant green1d4×500 gp
51–75Ruby, large1d4×500 gp
76–100Star sapphire1d4×500 gp

Art Objects

Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 114
These pieces of artwork have listed values, but might be more valuable to a collector or someone with a personal connection. When including art objects, consider whether the PCs could discover this information and secure a greater reward. For instance, a dwarven crown might be worth 1,000 gp for its exquisite crafting, but even more to the dwarves who lost the crown of their first queen long ago. This could also be a plot hook for a later adventure.

On the other hand, the materials used to make an art object, such as the paint and the canvas of a painting, are worth far less than the finished object. Some art objects on Table 2–24 include uncommon or rare precious materials, though usually not in large enough amounts for other crafting purposes. If you’re rolling randomly and don’t want to give out an uncommon or rare material, roll again or modify the description (for instance, you might change the mithral crown in the major art objects list to a gold crown).

Table 2-24: Sample Art Objects

d%Minor Art ObjectPrice
1–5Elegant cloth doll1d4 gp
6–10Scrimshaw whale bone1d4 gp
11–15Illustrated book1d4 gp
16–20Brass statuette of a bull1d4 gp
21–25Carved wooden game set1d4 gp
26–30Set of six ivory dice1d4 gp
31–35Engraved copper ring1d4 gp
36–40Lapis lazuli pendant1d4 gp
41–45Hand mirror with decorated frame1d4 gp
46–50Colorful velvet half mask1d4 gp
51–55Set of decorated ceramic plates1d4 gp
56–60Leather flagon with Caydenite symbol1d4 gp
61–65Bronze bowl with wave imagery1d4 gp
66–70Brass anklet1d4 gp
71–75Iron cauldron with gargoyle faces1d4 gp
76–80Silver religious symbol1d4 gp
81–85Bronze brazier with Asmodean artwork1d4 gp
86–90Plain brass censer1d4 gp
91–95Simple sculpture1d4 gp
96–100Simple painting1d4 gp
d%Lesser Art ObjectPrice
1–5Silk ceremonial armor1d4×10 gp
6–10Inscribed crocodile skull1d4×10 gp
11–15Illuminated manuscript1d4×10 gp
16–20Simple silver circlet1d4×10 gp
21–25Copper statuette of a salamander1d4×10 gp
26–30Alabaster and obsidian game set1d4×10 gp
31–35Silk fan decorated with turquoise1d4×10 gp
36–40Ceremonial dagger with onyx hilt1d4×10 gp
41–45Amphora with lavish scenes1d4×10 gp
46–50Colorful pastoral tapestry1d4×10 gp
51–55Chrysoberyl symbol of an evil eye1d4×10 gp
56–60Alabaster idol1d4×10 gp
61–65Silk mask decorated with citrines1d4×10 gp
66–70Set of decorated porcelain plates1d4×10 gp
71–75Etched copper ewer1d4×10 gp
76–80Brass scepter with amethyst head1d4×10 gp
81–85Bronze chalice with bloodstones1d4×10 gp
86–90Iron and rock crystal brazier1d4×10 gp
91–95Quality sculpture by an unknown1d4×10 gp
96–100Quality painting by an unknown1d4×10 gp
d%Moderate Art ObjectPrice
1–5Porcelain doll with amber eyes1d4×25 gp
6–10Marble altar1d4×25 gp
11–15Parade armor with flourishes1d4×25 gp
16–20Silver coronet with peridots1d4×25 gp
21–25Moonstone and onyx game set1d4×25 gp
26–30Gold and garnet ring1d4×25 gp
31–35Ceremonial shortsword with spinels1d4×25 gp
36–40Silver statuette of a raven1d4×25 gp
41–45Porcelain vase inlaid with gold1d4×25 gp
46–50Enormous tapestry of a major battle1d4×25 gp
51–55Gold necklace with peridots1d4×25 gp
56–60Virtuoso silver flute1d4×25 gp
61–65Coral idol of an elemental lord1d4×25 gp
66–70Silver mirror with gilded frame1d4×25 gp
71–75Silver flagon inscribed with fields1d4×25 gp
76–80Copper and spinel puzzle box1d4×25 gp
81–85Small cold iron cauldron with onyx1d4×25 gp
86–90Silver and jade censer1d4×25 gp
91–95Life-size sculpture by an expert1d4×25 gp
96–100Wide landscape by an expert1d4×25 gp
d%Greater Art ObjectPrice
1–5Gilded ceremonial armor1d4×250 gp
6–10Ancient dragon skull etched with mystic sigils1d4×250 gp
11–15Original manuscript from a world-famous author1d4×250 gp
16–20Gold and aquamarine diadem1d4×250 gp
21–25Gold dragon statuette1d4×250 gp
26–30Jet and white gold game set1d4×250 gp
31–35Gold rapier with amethysts1d4×250 gp
36–40Gold urn with scenes of judgment1d4×250 gp
41–45Splendid lyre of world-famous lyrist1d4×250 gp
46–50Platinum-framed monocle1d4×250 gp
51–55Gold mask of a high priest1d4×250 gp
56–60Crystal dinner set, fine silverware1d4×250 gp
61–65Gold and opal bracelet1d4×250 gp
66–70Intricate silver and gold music box1d4×250 gp
71–75Jeweled orrery of the planes1d4×250 gp
76–80Gilded scepter with sapphire1d4×250 gp
81–85Fine gold spyglass1d4×250 gp
86–90Gold chalice with black pearls1d4×250 gp
91–95Towering sculpture by a master1d4×250 gp
96–100Famous portrait by a master1d4×250 gp
d%Major Art ObjectPrice
1–5Jewel-encrusted gold altar1d4×1,000 gp
6–10Saint’s bone with lost scriptures1d4×1,000 gp
11–15Previously lost volume from a legendary author1d4×1,000 gp
16–20Jeweled mithral crown1d4×1,000 gp
21–25Platinum dragon statuette1d4×1,000 gp
26–30Diamond ring with platinum band1d4×1,000 gp
31–35Star sapphire necklace1d4×1,000 gp
36–40Darkwood violin by a legend1d4×1,000 gp
41–45Platinum image of a fey noble with a bit of orichalcum1d4×1,000 gp
46–50Jeweled gold puzzle box1d4×1,000 gp
51–55Crystallized dragon heart1d4×1,000 gp
56–60Living flame shaped into a phoenix1d4×1,000 gp
61–65Phasing ether silk tapestry1d4×1,000 gp
66–70Solidified moment of time1d4×1,000 gp
71–75Tankard owned by Cayden Cailean1d4×1,000 gp
76–80Thought lens of astral essence1d4×1,000 gp
81–85Divine art piece created by Shelyn1d4×1,000 gp
86–90Chandelier crafted from dreams1d4×1,000 gp
91–95Enormous chryselephantine sculpture by a legend1d4×1,000 gp
96–100Major painting by a legend1d4×1,000 gp

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