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Chapter 2: Tools / Gems and Art Objects


Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 114
Gems are naturally occurring minerals, typically in a crystalline form, or, in a few cases, organic material such as amber, coral, and pearls. All but the largest gems weigh about half as much as a coin, so about 2,000 gems is 1 Bulk. Unworked gems are worth half the Price of a finished gem and can serve as the minimum raw materials necessary to Craft the finished gem. Lesser semiprecious stones are level 0 items, moderate and greater semiprecious stones are 1st‑level items, lesser and moderate precious stones are 4th‑level items that require expert proficiency to Craft, and greater precious stones are 7th-level items that require master proficiency to Craft.

Table 2-23: Gems

d%Lesser Semiprecious StonesPrice
1–7Agate1d4×5 sp
8–14Alabaster1d4×5 sp
15–21Azurite1d4×5 sp
22–28Hematite1d4×5 sp
29–35Lapis lazuli1d4×5 sp
36–42Malachite1d4×5 sp
43–49Obsidian1d4×5 sp
50–56Pearl, irregular freshwater1d4×5 sp
57–63Pyrite1d4×5 sp
64–70Rhodochrosite1d4×5 sp
71–77Quartz, rock crystal1d4×5 sp
78–84Shell1d4×5 sp
85–92Tiger’s-eye1d4×5 sp
93–100Turquoise1d4×5 sp
d%Moderate Semiprecious StonesPrice
1–7Bloodstone1d4×25 sp
8–14Carnelian1d4×25 sp
15–21Chrysoprase1d4×25 sp
22–28Citrine1d4×25 sp
29–35Ivory1d4×25 sp
36–42Jasper1d4×25 sp
43–49Moonstone1d4×25 sp
50–56Onyx1d4×25 sp
57–63Peridot1d4×25 sp
64–70Quartz, milky, rose, or smoky1d4×25 sp
71–77Sard1d4×25 sp
78–84Sardonyx1d4×25 sp
85–92Spinel, red or green1d4×25 sp
93–100Zircon1d4×25 sp
d%Greater Semiprecious StonesPrice
1–10Amber1d4×5 gp
11–20Amethyst1d4×5 gp
21–30Chrysoberyl1d4×5 gp
31–40Coral1d4×5 gp
41–50Garnet1d4×5 gp
51–60Jade1d4×5 gp
61–70Jet1d4×5 gp
71–80Pearl, saltwater1d4×5 gp
81–90Spinel, deep blue1d4×5 gp
91–100Tourmaline1d4×5 gp
d%Lesser Precious StonesPrice
1–25Aquamarine1d4×50 gp
26–50Opal1d4×50 gp
51–75Pearl, black1d4×50 gp
76–100Topaz1d4×50 gp
d%Moderate Precious StonesPrice
1–25Diamond, small1d4×100 gp
26–50Emerald1d4×100 gp
51–75Ruby, small1d4×100 gp
76–100Sapphire1d4×100 gp
d%Greater Precious StonesPrice
1–25Diamond, large1d4×500 gp
26–50Emerald, brilliant green1d4×500 gp
51–75Ruby, large1d4×500 gp
76–100Star sapphire1d4×500 gp