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Chapter 2: Tools / Nations / Nation Stat Block

Nations of Lost Omens

Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 131
Presented below are stat blocks for two nations from the Lost Omens Campaign Setting. You can use these as examples when building your own nation stat blocks.

Andoran Nation

Fledgling democracy in pursuit of freedom for all.
Government The People’s Council (parliamentary democracy)
Capital Almas (76,600)
Population humans (Taldan), halflings, kobolds, dwarves
Languages Common
Religions Abadar, Cayden Cailean, Erastil, Iomedae, Shelyn

Primary Exports ancient treasures and artifacts, financial credit, lumber, minerals
Enemies autocratic governments concerned about potential domestic revolts, Cheliax, Katapesh, slavers
Factions Bellflower Network, Eagle Knights, Lumber Consortium
Threats rising aggression from Cheliax, retaliation from slavers, corruption among elected officials

Andira Marusek (LG female human warrior) Supreme Elect of the Executive Office and mayor of Almas
Reginald Cormoth (LG male human commander) Eagle Knight Commander General
Felandriel Morgethai (CG female elf wizard) Almas University provost

Rahadoum Nation

Desert nation unified by a humanistic worldview and rejection of religion.
Government Council of Elders (representative council)
Capital Azir (72,370)
Population humans (Garundi, Mauxi)
Languages Common, Osiriani
Religions Laws of Mortality; Prohibited all divine religions
Irreligious All worship of deities is prohibited by Rahadoumi law. Religious symbols and items are confiscated and proselytization incurs a heavy fine. Rahadoumi citizens perform healing through only mundane means or non‑divine magic.

Primary Exports base metals, fine cloth, gemstones, herbal remedies, mechanical innovations, produce, salt, tools
Primary Imports lumber, pesh
Enemies pirates of the Shackles, Red Mantis, religious groups
Factions Aspis Consortium, Pure Legion
Threats conflict among neighboring nations, desert-dwelling monsters, disease, rapidly accelerating desertification

Malduoni (LN male human politician) Keeper of the First Law, elected by the Council of Elders
Kassi Aziril (NG female human doctor) “Mother of Modern Medicine,” renowned medical researcher and philanthropist
Salim Ghadafar (LN male human inquisitor) former Pure Legion captain forced into Pharasma’s service