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Chapter 3: Subsystems / Research / Building a Library

Library Stat Block

Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 155
When you build a library, you can use a stat block to organize the information. In a published adventure, you’ll find libraries presented in the format below. There’s no need to include entries that aren’t applicable for your library.

Library's Name Library (Level)

Division Name and Description Whether it’s a section of a physical library, one of several research topics the PCs are studying, or something more creative, this is the name of one of the library’s divisions. If the divisions are separate topics, they’ll each have their own thresholds, but if the divisions are separate areas all related to the same topic or topics, they might have RP maximums instead, after which the PCs have exhausted the information in that area. Repeat these sections for the library’s other divisions; if using RP maximums, make sure the divisions provide enough Research Points to reach the final threshold.

Research Checks The skills or other checks the PCs can attempt to Research the division are listed here with their DCs, in order from the lowest DC (the skill that works best) to the highest DC. If a skill isn’t listed but a player provides a strong narrative explanation for using it, you can add it at an appropriate DC (usually the highest listed DC). Academia Lore and Library Lore will often be listed in these entries.

Research Thresholds Each threshold lists the number of RP required to reach it, followed by the effects for meeting that threshold. Thresholds are listed in order from first (requiring the fewest RP) to last (the highest threshold).

Beneath the stat block, you can list any events that occur based on timing rather than the PCs’ RP total (such as a threatening message arriving on the third day), as well as any other important details.