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Chapter 3: Subsystems / Infiltration / Building an Infiltration


Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 162
Not everything that happens during an infiltration is a challenge that must be solved—sometimes PCs can use their turns to aid the group in some way. Opportunities are very similar to obstacles, but they don’t provide Infiltration Points or count toward the objective. They instead provide some kind of benefit, such as a magical password to disable security features further along, reducing the party’s Awareness Points, or lowering the DC for a later challenge. But opportunities sometimes come with risks—failing can increase the PCs’ Awareness Points or trigger complications. You’ll need to decide what opportunities are available and when, and whether they can be completed multiple times or only once. For example, the PCs can steal the guard’s keys only once, but can cause a distraction several times.

Some opportunities might be available at almost any time in any infiltration, like this example.

Smooth the Path Opportunity

Requirements The PC has successfully completed an individual objective and some other PCs have not.
Having completed your objective, you help an ally who is still trying to reach that goal. Describe how you are helping. This gives the ally the benefits of Following the Expert (Core Rulebook 479). In unusual cases, the GM might allow you to attempt a relevant skill check to overcome the obstacle on behalf of the other PC instead.