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Chapter 6: Equipment

Coins and Currency

Source Core Rulebook pg. 271
Though you might be able to barter valuable items in some areas, currency is the most versatile way to make transactions when you head to market. The most common currency is coins. For most commoners and beginning adventurers, the standard unit is the silver piece (sp). Each silver piece is a standard weight of silver and is typically accepted by any merchant or kingdom no matter where it was minted. There are three other common types of coins, each likewise standardized in weight and value. The first is the copper piece (cp). Each copper piece is worth one‑tenth of a silver piece. The gold piece (gp) is often used for purchasing magic items and other expensive items, as 1 gold piece is worth 10 silver pieces or 100 copper pieces. The platinum piece (pp) is used by nobles to demonstrate their wealth, for the purchase of very expensive items, or simply as a way to easily transport large sums of currency. A platinum piece is worth 10 gold pieces, 100 silver pieces, or 1,000 copper pieces. See Table 6–1: Coin Values for the exchange rates of common types of coins.

Table 6-1: Coin Values

Copper piece (cp)11/101/1001/1,000
Silver piece (sp)1011/101/100
Gold Piece (gp1001011/10
Platinum piece (pp)1,000100101

Other Currency

Source Core Rulebook pg. 271
Art objects, gems, and raw materials (such as those used for the Craft activity) can be used much like currency: you can sell them for the same Price you can buy them.