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Chapter 6: Equipment / Shields

Shield Statistics

Source Core Rulebook pg. 277 2.0
Shields have statistics that follow the same rules as armor: Price, Speed Penalty, and Bulk. See page 274 for the rules for those statistics. Their other statistics are described here.

AC Bonus

Source Core Rulebook pg. 277 2.0
A shield grants a circumstance bonus to AC, but only when the shield is raised. This requires using the Raise a Shield action.


Source Core Rulebook pg. 277 2.0
Whenever a shield takes damage, the amount of damage it takes is reduced by this amount. This number is particularly relevant for shields because of the Shield Block feat. The rules for Hardness appear in Item Damage.


Source Core Rulebook pg. 277 2.0
This column lists the shield’s Hit Points (HP) and Broken Threshold (BT). These measure how much damage the shield can take before it’s destroyed (its total HP) and how much it can take before being broken and unusable (its BT). These matter primarily for the Shield Block reaction.