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Chapter 11: Crafting & Treasure / Activating Items

Sustaining Activations

Source Core Rulebook pg. 533 2.0
Some items, once activated, have effects that can be sustained if you concentrate on them. This works much like the Sustain a Spell action. If an item’s description states that you can sustain the effect, that effect lasts until the end of your turn in the round after you Activated the Item. You can use a Sustain an Activation action on that turn to extend the duration.

Sustain an Activation Single Action

Source Core Rulebook pg. 534 2.0
Requirements You have at least one magic item activation that you can sustain and you are not fatigued
Choose one magic item activation with a sustained duration you have in effect. The duration of that activation continues until the end of your next turn. Some activations may have slightly different or expanded effects if you sustain them. Sustaining an Activation for more than 10 minutes (100 rounds) ends the activation and makes you fatigued unless the item’s description states a different maximum duration (such as “up to 1 minute” or “up to 1 hour”).

If your Sustain an Activation action is disrupted, the item’s effect immediately ends.