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Chapter 11: Crafting & Treasure / Reading Items


Source Core Rulebook pg. 534 2.0
An item's level indicates what level of adventurer the item is best suited for, but there's no limit to the items a character can use. A 3rd-level character who finds an item of 4th level or higher while adventuring can use it normally, and they can purchase the item if they can find it for sale and can afford it. When making items, a character can Craft only items whose level is equal to or lower than their own.

Multiple Types

Source Core Rulebook pg. 534 2.0
If multiple types of an item exist, the title line gives the minimum level followed by a plus symbol (“+”). The description includes information on the base version of the item, and the Type entries at the bottom of the stat block lists the specifics for each version, including the level, Price, and any modified or added abilities of the different types. For some items, the types listed are upgrades to the base item. For other items, such as aeon stones and wondrous figurines, each type is distinct from the others.