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Chapter 11: Crafting & Treasure / Reading Items


Source Core Rulebook pg. 535 2.0
An item’s stat block includes a Usage entry that indicates whether a character must be holding or wearing the item in order to use it, or whether she instead must have it etched or affixed onto another item.

Held or Worn

Source Core Rulebook pg. 535 2.0
If a character must wield the item to use it, this entry in the item’s stat block lists the word “held” along with the number of hands the character must use when wielding the item, such as “held in 1 hand.” The rules for carrying and using items are provided on page 271.

An item that needs to be worn to function lists “worn” as its usage. This is followed by another word if the character is limited to only one of that type of item. For instance, a character can wear any number of rings, so the entry for a ring would list only “worn.” However, if the Usage entry were “worn cloak,” then a character couldn’t wear another cloak on top of that one. It’s assumed that items are meant to be worn by humanoids; any item that can or must be worn by a different type of creature either states this in its description or has the companion trait. Most magic items a character must wear have the invested trait, as described on page 531.

Affixed or Etched

Source Core Rulebook pg. 535 2.0
Some items enhance other items. Talismans function only if affixed to other items. They have a Usage entry indicating the type or types of items to which a character can attach them, such as “affixed to armor.” Rules for affixing a talisman are on page 565.

Runes must be etched onto permanent items, such as armor, weapons, or runestones to grant their benefit. Adding or transferring a rune takes downtime to accomplish. The Usage entry indicates the type or types of items a rune can be etched into, such as “etched onto a weapon.” More information about etching runes is found here.