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Chapter 11: Crafting & Treasure


Source Core Rulebook pg. 555 2.0
Suits of armor can be crafted from precious materials or infused with magic to grant them abilities exceeding those of typical armor. Many suits of magic armor are created by etching runes onto them, as described on page 580. The magic armor stat block lists the Price and attributes of the most common armors you can make with fundamental runes. Other special suits of armor might be made of precious materials, and some are specially crafted items all on their own.

Precious Material Armor

Source Core Rulebook pg. 555 2.0
Suits of armor made of precious materials are more expensive and sometimes grant special effects. You can make leather armor out of dragonhide, wooden armor out of darkwood, and metal armor out of any precious materials except for darkwood. Because armor’s Bulk is reduced when the armor is worn, use its carried Bulk when determining its material Price. (Materials are on page 577.)

Basic Magic Armor

Source Core Rulebook pg. 556 2.0
The most common special armors are suits of armor with some combination of armor potency and resilient runes. The following stat block provides a quick reference for these types of armor.

Specific Magic Armor

Source Core Rulebook pg. 557 2.0
These suits of armor have abilities far different from what can be gained by etching runes. A specific magic armor lists its fundamental runes, which you can upgrade, add, or transfer as normal. You can’t etch any property runes onto a specific armor that it doesn’t already have.