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Chapter 11: Crafting & Treasure / Consumables / Scrolls

Varying Statistics

Source Core Rulebook pg. 565 2.0
Table 11–3 indicates the item level and Price of a scroll, both of which are based on the level of the spell contained on the scroll. Any costs to Cast the Spell are added to the scroll’s Price when the scroll is crafted, so a scroll containing a spell with a Cost entry will have a higher Price than what appears on the table. The scroll’s rarity matches the spell’s rarity.

The traits for a scroll vary based on the spell it contains. A scroll always has the consumable, magical, and scroll traits, plus the traits of the spell stored on it.

Table 11-3: Scroll Statistics

Spell LevelItem LevelScroll Price
114 gp
2312 gp
3530 gp
4770 gp
59150 gp
611300 gp
713600 gp
8151,300 gp
9173,000 gp
10198,000 gp