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Introduction / Adjusting Creatures

Skills, Perception, and Proficiency

Source Bestiary pg. 7
In some situations, such as when a creature is trying to Disable a PC’s snare, you need to know the creature’s proficiency rank. Creatures are trained in the skills listed in their stat blocks. Because monsters aren’t created using the same rules as PCs, they are untrained in skills that aren’t listed. A creature usually has expert proficiency in its listed skills around 5th level, master proficiency around 9th level, and legendary proficiency around 17th level. A creature might need a certain proficiency rank in Perception to detect certain things. Many creatures have expert proficiency in Perception, and improve to master proficiency around 7th level and legendary proficiency around 13th level.

At your discretion, creatures with world-class aptitude at a particular skill or in Perception, such as a doppelganger with Deception, might have a higher rank in that skill or Perception.