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Chapter 1: Gamemastery Basics / Special Circumstances

Pathfinder Society Organized Play

Source Gamemastery Guide pg. 33
The Pathfinder Society Organized Play campaign is a thriving, worldwide organization of players and GMs. While most home campaigns provide long-running stories with a consistent group, Pathfinder Society provides adventures designed to be completed in a single game session, so that players can continue their characters’ stories whenever and wherever works best for them. To allow this flexibility while maintaining a fair experience, the Pathfinder Society campaign handles some tasks that are normally in the GM’s purview, such as selecting which rules options are available to PCs. Pathfinder Society GMs are expected to stay true to the adventure as it is written but are encouraged to allow players to apply creative solutions to the situations they face. For example, PCs may be able to use illusions, bribery, or social skills to bypass a challenge that is presented in the scenario as a combat encounter. You can decide for yourself which alternative solutions seem reasonable based on the context of the adventure, consulting the Difficulty Classes section on page 503 of the Core Rulebook to set appropriate DCs for challenges. For more about playing, running, and organizing games for Pathfinder Society Organized Play, visit