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Contains Exact Name Match: Demoralize (Actions)


Demoralize, Frightening Display, Threatening Approach


Elemental Embellish, Intimidating Glare, Menacing Prowess, Unnerving Prowess, Battle Cry, Decry Thief, Deimatic Display, Intimidating Prowess, Predator's Growl, Skull Creeper, Terrified Retreat, Walk the Plank, Agonizing Rebuke, Antagonize, Dragon's Presence, Elven Aloofness, Fancy Moves, Fell Rider, Firebrand Braggart Dedication, Frightening Appearance, Goloma Courage, Gorilla Pound, Just One More Thing, Laughing Gnoll, Mask of Pain, Raging Intimidation, Relentless Disarm, Ringmaster's Introduction, Snare Commando, Stone Face, Terrifying Howl, Theoretical Acumen, Versatile Performance, You're Next, Flourishing Finish, Terrifying Resistance


Dark Fields Kitsune, Frilled Lizardfolk, Shadow Rat


Aldori Duelist, Golden League Xun, Zephyr Guard, Pirate, Firebrand Braggart, Gladiator, Martial Artist, Vigilante, Provocator




Minotaur, Rokurokubi, Shatterling, Drake Courser, Einherji, Hobgoblin General, Karina, Kasa-Obake, Kushtaka, Leydroth, Mitflit, Sasquatch, Skeletal Giant, Skeleton, Storm Hag, Succubus, Triumph Siktempora


Bandit, Charlatan, Edolpho Phinelli, Hellknight Paravicar, Mastermind, Prisoner, Watch Officer, Amihan, Maalya, Master Xun


Effects, Ending Encounters