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Bard Focus Spells

Bard Cantrip Focus Spells

PFS StandardAllegro (enc)U: You perform rapidly, speeding up your ally.
PFS StandardDirge of Doom (enc)U: Frighten nearby enemies.
PFS StandardHouse of Imaginary Walls (ill)U: You mime creating an invisible stretch of wall adjacent to you and within your reach.
PFS StandardInspire Competence (enc)U: Your encouragement inspires your ally to succeed at a task.
PFS StandardInspire Courage (enc)U: You inspire your allies with words or tunes of encouragement.
PFS StandardInspire Defense (enc)U: You inspire your allies to protect themselves more effectively.
PFS LimitedSilver's Refrain (abj)RS: Make weapons silver and impede a devil's teleportation.
PFS StandardSong of Marching (enc)HU: You maintain a brisk performance that keeps allies on the move.
PFS StandardSong of Strength (enc)U: You bolster your allies' physical strength with a hearty exhortation.
PFS StandardTriple Time (enc)U: You dance at a lively tempo, speeding your allies’ movement.

Bard 1st-Level Focus Spells

PFS StandardCounter Performance (enc)U: Use Performance to counter a visual or auditory effect.
PFS StandardHymn of Healing (nec)HU: Your divine singing mends wounds and provides a temporary respite from harm.
PFS StandardLingering Composition (enc)U: You add a flourish to your composition to extend its benefits.
PFS StandardLoremaster's Etude (div)U: You call upon your muse’s deep mysteries, granting the target a greater ability to think and recall information.

Bard 4th-Level Focus Spells

PFS StandardInspire Heroics (enc)U: You call upon your muse to greatly increase the benefits you provide to your allies with your inspire courage or inspire defense composition.

Bard 5th-Level Focus Spells

PFS StandardOde to Ouroboros (nec)U: Your ode temporarily staves off death.
PFS StandardSymphony of the Unfettered Heart (abj)HU: Your symphony lifts listeners from their worldly concerns.

Bard 7th-Level Focus Spells

PFS StandardSoothing Ballad (enc)HU: You draw upon your muse to soothe your allies.

Bard 10th-Level Focus Spells

PFS StandardFatal Aria (enc)U: You perform music so perfect that the target may die of joy or sorrow.
PFS StandardPied Piping (enc)U: Your performance enraptures those who hear it, compelling them to follow you about in admiration.
PFS LimitedSong of the Fallen (nec)SU: Rouse the dead or smite the undead.