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Oracle Focus Spells

Oracle 1st-Level Focus Spells

PFS StandardAncestral Touch (enc)HSU: You touch a creature and force them to see and feel the ancestors surrounding you.
PFS StandardBrain Drain (enc)HSU: You probe the target's mind to glean knowledge.
PFS StandardCall to Arms (enc)HSU: You cry out a call to arms, inspiring your allies to enter the fray.
PFS StandardIncendiary Aura (evo)HSU: You surround yourself with a combustible aura.
PFS StandardLife Link (nec)HSU: You forge a connection of life energy between you and your target, distributing harm between both of you.
PFS StandardSoul Siphon (nec)HSU: You siphon off a portion of the target's soul to bolster your own vitality.
PFS StandardSpray of Stars (evo)HSU: You fling a spray of tiny shooting stars, dealing 1d4 fire damage.
PFS StandardTempest Touch (evo)HSU: Your touch calls forth a churning mass of icy water that clings to your target, dealing 1d4 bludgeoning damage and 1d4 cold damage.

Oracle 2nd-Level Focus Spells

PFS StandardVision of Weakness (div)SU: You focus your gaze on a creature and gain a flash of divine insight into its nature.

Oracle 3rd-Level Focus Spells

PFS StandardAccess Lore (div)SU: You sift through the multiverse's divine knowledge, seeking out tidbits related to a particular subject.
PFS StandardAncestral Defense (abj)SU: Your ancestor protects you against those who would bend your will.
PFS StandardArmor of Bones (nec)HSU: You ossify your physical form, mimicking the durability of bone.
PFS StandardBattlefield Persistence (div)SU: You're difficult to remove from battle.
PFS StandardDelay Affliction (nec)HSU: With a surge of healing energy, you push back against an affliction threatening the target and grant a small amount of healing.
PFS StandardInterstellar Void (evo)HSU: You call upon the frigid depths of outer space to bring a terrible chill to your enemy.
PFS StandardThunderburst (evo)HSU: You create a powerful blast of air and a loud peal of thunder, dealing 2d6 bludgeoning damage and 2d6 sonic damage.
PFS StandardWhirling Flames (evo)HSU: You call forth a storm of whirling flames, engulfing all creatures in that area and dealing 5d6 fire damage with a basic Reflex save.

Oracle 4th-Level Focus Spells

PFS StandardDebilitating Dichotomy (evo)HSU: You reveal a glimpse of the impossible conflicts between the divine anathema behind your curse, forcing you to reckon with another's conflicts as well.

Oracle 6th-Level Focus Spells

PFS StandardAncestral Form (tra)HSU: You take the form of your ancestral spirits, becoming invisible and quasi-corporeal.
PFS StandardClaim Undead (nec)SU: You attempt to wrest control of a target undead or force it to recognize you as its master.
PFS StandardDread Secret (div)SU: You utter a powerful secret at odds with the fundamental nature of the target creatures.
PFS StandardFlaming Fusillade (evo)HSU: You call upon an endless barrage of flames, producing miniature fireballs in your hands to hurl at foes.
PFS StandardHeroic Feat (div)SU: You gain the ability to perform a specialized combat technique from the vast wealth of martial knowledge your mystery provides.
PFS StandardLife-Giving Form (nec)HSU: You transcend your physical form, becoming a beacon of healing energy.
PFS StandardMoonlight Bridge (con)HSU: You summon a bridge of radiant, shimmering moonlight.
PFS StandardTempest Form (tra)HSU: Your body becomes fluid to better suit your surroundings.