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Druid Focus Spells

Druid 1st-Level Focus Spells

PFS StandardCrushing Ground (tra)HU: You tear open the ground then slam it shut.
PFS StandardGoodberry (nec)HU: You imbue the target berry with the bounty of nature, allowing it to heal and sustain far beyond its normal capacity.
PFS StandardHeal Animal (nec)HU: You heal an animal’s wounds.
PFS StandardRising Surf (con)HU: You create a wave of water that you ride, banking around obstacles and surfing to higher ground.
PFS StandardTempest Surge (evo)HU: You surround a foe in a swirling storm of violent winds, roiling clouds, and crackling lightning.
PFS StandardUpdraft (evo)HU: A powerful blast of wind erupts from the ground, launching the target into the air and sending it crashing back down.
PFS StandardWild Morph (tra)HU: You morph your body based on your training, choosing one of the following effects based on your wild order feats.
PFS StandardWild Shape (tra)HU: You infuse yourself with primal essence and transform yourself into another form.
PFS StandardWildfire (con)HU: A thin layer of ash and flame covers the ground in the area.

Druid 3rd-Level Focus Spells

PFS StandardCombustion (evo)HU: You ignite a creature in lasting flames.
PFS StandardPowerful Inhalation (evo)HU: You rapidly draw the air from your surroundings, hoarding it for yourself.
PFS StandardPulverizing Cascade (evo)HU: You raise a pair of towering waves and slam them into each other, crushing creatures caught between them.
PFS StandardStone Lance (evo)HU: You conjure a jagged lance of stone and then launch it at a foe.

Druid 4th-Level Focus Spells

PFS StandardStormwind Flight (tra)HU: Powerful winds carry you smoothly through the air, giving you a fly Speed equal to your Speed.

Druid 6th-Level Focus Spells

PFS StandardPrimal Summons (con)U: You enhance a summoned creature with the power of the elements.

Druid 8th-Level Focus Spells

PFS StandardImpaling Briars (con)U: The ground within the area transforms into a mass of dangerous briars that assault and impede your foes.

Druid 9th-Level Focus Spells

PFS StandardStorm Lord (evo)U: The sky above you darkens in a matter of moments, swirling with ominous clouds punctuated by flashes of lighting.

Druid 10th-Level Focus Spells

PFS LimitedApex Companion (tra)SU: Transform your animal companion into an apex form.