Source Core Rulebook pg. 634
Actions with the metamagic trait, usually from metamagic feats, tweak the properties of your spells. You must use a metamagic action directly before Casting the Spell you want to alter. If you use any action (including free actions and reactions) other than Cast a Spell directly after, you waste the benefits of the metamagic action. Any additional effects added by a metamagic action are part of the spell’s effect, not of the metamagic action itself.


Bloodline Conduit, Bond Conservation, Cascade Bearer's Flexibility, Cast Down, Command Undead, Conceal Spell, Defensive Recovery, Dualistic Synergy, Echoing Channel, Form Control, Harmonize, Healing Transformation, Heroic Recovery, Interweave Dispel, Leyline Conduit, Melodious Spell, Mercy, Necrotic Infusion, Overwhelming Energy, Quickened Casting, Reach Spell, Silent Spell, Synergistic Spell, Tempest-Sun Redirection, Unusual Composition, Widen Spell

Focus Powers

Elemental Tempest, Extend Spell