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Source Core Rulebook pg. 634 2.0
Effects that slightly alter a creature's form have the morph trait. Any Strikes specifically granted by a morph effect are magical. You can be affected by multiple morph spells at once, but if you morph the same body part more than once, the second morph effect attempts to counteract the first (in the same manner as two polymorph effects, described in that trait).

Your morph effects might also end if you are polymorphed and the polymorph effect invalidates or overrides your morph effect. The GM determines which morph effects can be used together and which can't.


Dragonfly Potion, Stone Fist Elixir


Animal Skin, Celestial Wings, Dragon's Rage Wings, Energize Wings, Fiendish Wings, Final Form, Pesh Skin, Soaring Flight, Wings of Air

Focus Spells

Adapt Self, Animal Feature, Dragon Claws, Dragon Wings, Embrace the Pit, Evolution Surge, Glutton's Jaw, Magic Warrior Aspect, Shifting Form, Tentacular Limbs, Vibrant Thorns, Wild Morph


Divine Vessel, Feet to Fins, Gouging Claw, Mantle of the Frozen Heart, Mantle of the Magma Heart, Moon Frenzy